Ibinabo Sekibo

Ever gotten so tired of the world,that you decide to stay faraway from it? You don’t even think twice about the decision you’ve made all you want is your sanity, because you feel like you are running mad. I can relate very well, and it’s funny how in those moments when you want to keep to yourself, that’s when everyone thinks to indulge you the most. It is annoying even, but for the sake of etiquette and courtesy we just have to smile, and keep on communicating, when in reality that’s the last thing we want to be doing.

Well,how much is enough? I mean the isolation from the world, the feeling of laying in bed all day with nowhere to go, or friends to hangout with? Even when you know a lot of persons are craving your attention, missing the excitement that can only be present in your eyes, or that comforting hug only you could give, and let’s not forget the most beautiful smile, and worst still the way you can make them laugh, forgetting all their burdens at that moment. We may not know what we do, but we do these little things for these persons without even knowing.

Contrary to the popular belief that ‘no man is an island’, a lot of persons are islands today. At a point in everyone’s life we just want our peace and the we start withdrawing ourselves from all forms of human interaction without even knowing it. It’s funny what life can throw our way at times, and from taking time to heal, we discover we love it the most in our little shells, no going out, sitting in, or laying in our beds, scrolling through social media and doing basically nothing except the things we need to stay alive, I don’t know if you relate with what I am
saying here.

When we are in such situations, we discover that interaction with other persons begin to irritate us, and even when we force ourselves to visit places and persons, there is no buzz, no
excitement in you about it, nothing to keep the conversation alive or even make you feel like going back there. What should we even do in these situations? How do we react to those
moments where we always want to stay to ourselves? No one has the perfect solution to these, but let’s see what I’ve got for my favourite audience.

While keeping to yourself to get your sanity and get back on track is very healthy, it could become dangerous to you as a human. We are conditioned to be social, and not minding how
healthy it will be, the moment you don’t ever feel like leaving your bed, or worse still you start feeling hollow, it becomes bad. That is when keeping your distance becomes too much, by the time you realise what is happening, you will discover that you’ve missed out on a lot and you really don’t know what is happening anymore.

Not to worry much about it, but when you see you have become so secluded that the first defense mechanism when people try to be close to you, is to shut them out, then you know you need to start working on yourself. First things first, you should see reason in life and socializing, seeing reasons on why you should hangout with your friends frequently. Because, anything to happen, it needs to happen in your mind first. Then, start hanging out with one or two of your closest
friends you enjoy their company. Before you know it, you are back on track and enjoying all you did with your friends before your supposed period of break.

In conclusion, a point comes in life when everything becomes too much, at that moment a much needed break would suffice, take it, get to know yourself and after the break don’t forget to get on with your life, don’t let yourself get too comfortable while on your break.

IBINABO SEKIBO is a contributor on the blog. An avid reader, poet, and writer of articles, blog posts, and stories. A enthusiast of love and relationships. A Nigerian from the Niger Delta part of Nigeria who also believes in the right to a fair environment.


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