Matilda Dikibo

“Guess what!” Cynthia exclaimed. She looked very excited. She shut the door and threw her bag at me. No doubts, Cindy was very happy.

“Cindy baby, have you catched a bigger whale? This one you’re dancing as though you’ve won a lottery.

“Hahahaha, you won’t understand dear. A new ATM has been short-listed oh! He said he is a business man. I don’t care about what he does as far as I get what I want, he gets his ‘delicacy’, no wahala. Anita, your babe gats to survive in this recession o. Meanwhile, I ordered pizza from Tilda’s Kitchen. How was your day?” Cynthia said happily.

Cynthia and I lived in a self-contained apartment where the middle class residents of Calabar reside. We have been good friends since our second year in the University of Calabar.
We were in our final year in school. She was a student of marketing department while I was a mass communication student. Our different backgrounds and beliefs has never come in between our friendship because we respect our differences.

After thirty minutes, the pizza arrived. We ate and talked about our lectures during the day. I told her about how my fiancé have been fluctuating in his finances and I needed her to borrow me ten thousand naira. I didn’t want to bother my single mom.

“Saint Anita, Miss Faithful” she mockingly said as she laughed provokingly. “You better stop this your yeye faithfulness and follow me to Mr Ben’s birthday party next week Friday!” She ranted.

“Cindy, it’s alright. Thanks for your help. I’ll be fine without doing ‘runs’. Goodnight!” I replied.

Dawn came sooner than wished. We were preparing for lectures when she apologized for her rudeness the previous night. I told her it’s nothing. She transferred the money to my account. She has always been a giver, I always appreciate her for her kind gestures.

“But Cindy, don’t you think you can start a little business instead of marketing your body, (I had to be real with her). Embrace the marriage proposal of Tekena, build the future with him. This your waist won’t be a pearl forever, sweetheart. If Tekena turns out to be unserious, you must not make men an ATM or your body, a merchant. You deserve better than this your way”, I gently told her.

“Counselor Anita, thanks for your concern. There’s time to change, I’ll change when the spirit leads me to. About my yesterday’s whale, the nigga and I would be spending the weekend together at his place. I promise to bring lots of goodies. Keep being the great personality that you are, do not trade it for anything, I’ll be back”, she said excitedly as she left the room.

Friday lectures ends by 12pm. Cynthia called me by 5pm and said I should send her my account details. She also said that he gave her a cheque of five hundred thousand naira. She transferred hundred thousand naira to me, saying that we’ll enjoy more when she arrives on Sunday evening.
I was very glad. Although, the weekend was boring without her. It was even more boring because Tunde, my boyfriend travelled for a business trip.

As I was eating my rice and egg sauce on Saturday morning, Boma called me. Boma was our former roommate until her boyfriend rented a self-contained apartment for her. She said I should come to the Akan express way that leads to the Akan Market. Her voice was shaky as though there was an emergency. I didn’t care to remove my hair net nor wear something presentable. I locked my door. My flip flop slippers helped me hasten my steps. I boarded a taxi to the Akan express way leading to the Akan Market. People gathered as though a non-governmental organization was sharing something worth their stay. They were not also looking happy too. I was confused.

I called Boma, she picked the call. I asked where she was and what I’m doing here. Someone yelled my name from behind, I turned around and it was Boma, and she looked so pale. I walked to where she was, and she hugged me tightly, like a mom who just found her lost child. I became more bothered, I kept asking what was wrong till we got very close to where the people gathered. As I paved through the crowd, I saw a dead body with mutilated breasts. I looked keenly, it was my Cindy baby!


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