Its really been a long while, a really long while I flexed my poetic muscles. But with the help of a magician I did it. When last did you drink poetry from my blog? Sit down and enjoy this.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
These, I don’t seem to understand.
The circumstances of life has made me blue.
There’s the good side of life,
There’s the bad side of life.

Dreams becomes nightmares;
Wishes becomes resentments;
Krampus, instead of Santa.
My emotions gets me stranded,
Deadly emotions I speak of.

I visit the cemetery every weekend,
To attend funerals;
Not the funeral of a family or friend,
But the funeral of my emotions.
These deadly emotions, I bury bits by bits.

Deadly emotions that addicts me like wild fun.
Sometimes, I swim in the pool of these deadly emotions;
Other times, I resent these emotions as I refuse to be a pawn.
For how long would I keep visiting the cemetery?
How long would I be a captive longing to be free?

Emotions imprinted on me by events I controlled not;
Emotions I never asked nor requested for.

Today, I take this walk on this narrow runway.
This runway to a course, not one of golf but of graves;
I walk in totters and doubts, as I leave this graveyard;
Hoping this be my last funeral.

Goodbye, deadly emotions!



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