Papa Ajasco (Abiodun Ayoyinka)

Wonder and tributes have been pouring in since news of the death of Papa Ajasco.

Though Papa Ajasco is a show whose fame has dwindled over time. The love for Papa Ajasco never dwindled.

Papa Ajasco was a weekly episodal show that ran on TV every Monday. It was between NTA or RSTV.

The comedy-drama show was very popular for acts like Papa Ajasco, Mama Ajasco, Miss Pepeye, Boy Alinco, Pa James.

Most people even confused Papa Ajasco for Pa James. While a lot of us can never forget the fashion inspo that boy Alinco pulled on us.

Wale Adenuga, producer of Papa Ajasco

I mean the double glasses 🕶️. Almost everyone wanted it at the time! Can’t forget how I felt when I had it for Christmas.

This was a time when there weren’t much ‘cable’ like there is now. It was mostly Papa Ajasco, This Life, Face to Face, Fuji House of Commotion, and of course, Super Story.

Papa Ajasco & Company told many stories and lessons that followed some of us into adulthood.


As a matter of fact, the theme song was glued to our heads that we sang it as we did our chores in the house.

To hear of his death just feels somehow. We can only say, may his soul rest in peace.

Is Papa Ajasco really dead?

But then, Papa Ajasco is somehow not dead. Yes, there are two Papa Ajascos you know.

The Papa Ajasco that initially started the show, and pulled out, and the one that replaced him.

Papa Ajasco (Femi Ogunrombi)

The initial Papa Ajasco (Abiodun Ayoyinka), that appeared in first frame is alive and is the one that made your childhood fun, the Papa Ajasco (Femi Ogunrombi) on the second frame, is the one that is dead

With news of his death going wild, Papa Ajasco himself had to come out and make a statement towards it.

Papa Ajasco speaks via a video

Listening to the video reminds you of the years back. Well then, for a movie that was widely viewed in the early 2000s, it was a hit.

The comedy series which premiered in about twelve countries was one of the things that made TV a sweet property to have back then.

You can share in the comments box, memories you have of Papa Ajasco



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