NYSC members
Corps members

After much pleading, Corper James then decided to watch and know what next to do. He still could not forget what had happened the previous night, but Titi kept on apologizing.

He then told her that just wanted to know why, to which she kept on saying no reason, until a certain point she started pointing out things Tajudeen had bought and done for her. Then, Corper James asked her if she was trading her body for material possessions. To which she got annoyed and said she has never slept with the boy.

She then told Corper James that Tajudeen was just a friend, though she visited him twice that same day. She even made food for him and was about to take the food to him, this was about 4pm.


Corper James then said, this means she is not coming back, once she leaves. She promised to come back, she then kept the food and left that she is coming.

She didn’t come back, Corper James wondered what was going on, but decided not to bother. So in the evening, he went out to buy a recharge card and saw someone who looked like her at the palace and then walked to the palace.

Corps members in parade
Corps members in parade

On getting there, he saw her, and then he saw Tajudeen playing snooker with the prince at the palace. He then sat beside her and told her to come and join him home. She said that he should go, that she will come after him. He said No, that if he leaves she isn’t coming back.

Tajudeen then came to tell Titi to stand up and sit at the other end, as she stood up to go, Corper James called at her, she stood at a place, confused. Then, Tajudeen dragged her by the hand to another place he wanted her to sit.

And returned to aggressively push Corper James on the chest, as Corper James attempted to keep his power bank and his phone which he was holding on a chair as to retaliate. The indigenes present at the palace, called on him that it is a taboo to fight at the palace. That he should relax as the matter will be settled in a few minutes.


The prince offered to get Corper James a drink, to which he turned down. But the Prince told him that he had to accept a drink. He then requested for a bottle of Goldberg Lager beer. At this point, about three friends of Tajudeen had come in and around the palace prepping for a fight if any arises.

After about thirty minutes, the prince amidst two older persons and other indigenes of the community present, then called Corper James and Tajudeen on either side of him, with Titi sitting in front of him. After a prelude of advice where he counselled both parties on peace and how no harm should come to the girl irrespective of her choice, he then told her to choose who is her boyfriend, fiancé and husband between the two guys. This was about 8pm in the night.

She responded saying Corper James was her first boyfriend, at this point, she was cut off by the Prince who told her to tell everyone present who is her ex and who she is currently dating, to avoid confusion of any sort.

So, the first time, she was asked. She said the Corper is her former boyfriend and Tajudeen is her boyfriend. The Prince then admonished her not to give reply in fear. He asked her again and again and she gave the same response two more times. So, Corper James was asked if he had anything to say.

He commended the Prince’s wisdom and thanked him for making things clear for him, but he must leave that night as he cannot sleep in another man’s girlfriend’s house. The Prince offered his house, but he rejected it that he must go back to his house that night, despite warnings of increased fare or risk of accident. He went to her house, picked his things, dropped every stuff of hers he was holding, he also didn’t take anything he got for her, and then he left.


When he got to his side, he went to let her mom know about the situation that he has broken up with her daughter, and intends to leave the next day.

On Monday, at a meeting with his employers, he told them that he will no longer work with them as he seeks to return to his place. Later that Monday evening, he was shocked to see Titi, she came to apologize, that she only chose Tajudeen that night just for his safety. Corper James was confused. He asked her to leave his house. She kissed him on the lips and promised to return.

He intended leaving on Wednesday, but kept on wondering why she would do this to him. He could not understand but he hoped to see her once more before coming. He didn’t see her on Tuesday, so he postponed his travel till Friday.

On Thursday morning, as early as minutes past 6am, he went to her school, and was shocked to see her both parents packing every single stuff of hers, that she was done with school.

Apparently, the news had gotten to her parents, and they were disappointed that she had left Corper and was consistently sleeping in another guy’s place. As they left, Corper James then met her and said she should go and plead with them at home. She told him that she is done with them too.

He counselled her how he cannot love her as much as her parents would. It was at that point that she then said she will follow him since his bike man is still waiting, but she needed to change her clothes. When Corper James asked where her cloth is, she said it was at Tajudeen’s house.


Corper James waited a bit far from the house, and Tajudeen suspecting came with a troupe of friends, who were angry that Corper wants to take away ‘their wife’, and they were bent on causing havoc.

One even carried block to break Corper James’ head. Many persons gathered, and it was at that point that one elderly man who was a stranger then spoke the Igbo dialect to Corper James, to which the Corper responded.

The man told Corper James how grave a mistake he had done, advised him to apologize to all of them, and never go after the girl again. He said there are two things that kill a man – woman and money.


He admonished that woman should never be what will kill an Igbo man. So Corper James then turned to everybody and apologized and promised to leave. Meanwhile, Titi was crying on the other end, that she wants to leave with him. As Corper James and his bike guy were about leaving, some of the boys held the bike that he should not go, some said he should go. The argument was getting intense, Corper James was just quiet and just wanted to leave.

The bike guy at some point got angry and was about to pick a fight with the boys that they want to destroy his bike, to which Corper James pleaded that he should not start a fight because of him.

So they left the place and rode off in high speed, with the bike making a noise and leaving an impression. As they rode away, Corper James advised he reduced the speed. As they rode slowly and ruminated on the past events, they heard a oncoming bike with a high speed carrying Tajudeen’s friends, sped past them making directions that they will wait at the junction. Another bike carrying Tajudeen and Titi sped past them.

Corper James advised the bike guy that they avoid the junction, but he refused. When they got to the junction, they slowed down, anticipating an impending attack, but none came, then they continued on the bushy road by the right. As they continued, the bike guy discussed, but Corper James’ focus was on the bush, expecting some boys jumping out of the bush, but no one did.


Instead later, we saw the bikes approaching us with the only missing person being Titi. Corper James’ bike guy advised that they come down, and they did and met the guys who apologized and Tajudeen said he is no longer interested, with Corper James giving the same response and they greeted and part ways.

As Corper James and his bike guy rode, they saw Titi and she pleaded they carry her, which they did. When they finally got to their place, she was dropped. There and then, Corper James decided it was over in his heart.

He went to his house, thanked God no harm came to him and then took his devices to charge at a computer centre, by the time he returned by 3pm. He was shocked to see his door open, he felt it was Tajudeen and his boys. He also saw the room open. When he entered, it was Titi sleeping on his bed with her belongings packed around.

He got scared! What was she planning to do? Elope with him or live with him. It was at that point that he told her that he is travelling the next day. She wanted to follow him but said some of her belongings were still at Tajudeen’s place.

Though conflicted about taking her to his place, he wondered why she would leave her stuff at Tajudeen’s place. She said she couldn’t leave them there as he could use them for charm. She promised to go get them. This was past 8pm.

Corper James told her to wait while he gets transport fare. As he was coming back with the money, he could hear whispering to him to off the torch and go back, which he did. It turned out Tajudeen had come to pick her, and she was scared for him. He gave her the fare and wished she wouldn’t come back as she was one bag of trouble.


He remembered how he had told her to reject even sachet water from a man to avoid feeling indebted to the man, and now see him risking his life.

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He had told her to come back that night as he would be leaving by 5am the next day. He waited for her to come back she didn’t. At about 11pm, he saw a text from her that said that she couldn’t come back that night but would come by 3am the next day. He was praying for her not to make it by 3am.

4am and Corper James was awake, packing his belongings, and by 5:15 the bike guys who would take him to where he would board a bus to his home – Port Harcourt was there; by the time they would finish packing and set to go, it was 5:28pm. They left.

By 6:13am, Titi called amidst tears and asked Corper James where he was, he told her he had gone. She cried and begged him to be serious, he told her he had gone.

A painful love story! Till date, they still communicate and Titi still confesses her love for Corper James, only him. But Corper James is not sure of her love, despite not being over her.

This is a warning to Corp members on their service year to be very careful and reiterating the advice given to corps members back at the orientation camp to stay away from female indigenes. Corper James was a lucky case, many Corps members have lost their lives this way.

P.S.: This is a true story, and the story was shared by the actual characters involved. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved. I apologize for any resemblance to any character and it is not intended.

Also, this piece is not intended to be copied or reproduced in any form without permission from the owner of the story. Reach out to me, if you need to know more, and you’d be linked to the owner of the biography.


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