This is a true life story, though most names and towns have been changed to hide the identities.

Had I known they say, always come at last. Corper James was not much of a believer in love. He also didn’t believe in dating without purpose. He believed that every relationship was to have a sole purpose to end in marriage.

So, he went after Titilope with this purpose. He had stopped applying for jobs, apart from remote jobs. He felt he had to be with his sweetheart during this formative stage of their relationship.

There came a job offer for Corper James through his family’s influence, the offer was in Port Harcourt, he was not happy about it. But Titi advised him to take on the job as she believes that a job is also important. Corper James travelled to Port Harcourt, an 8 hours journey from Ondo.


The day before the interview, the interview got postponed. He decided to return to Ondo and come back whenever he got the notification again. Already missing his sweetheart, Corper James travelled back to Ondo.

Barely three weeks after he returned, he received a mail to come back for the interview at Port Harcourt. He was seriously perturbed about it. He felt his life was beginning to take shape here, according to his plans and was not ready to disrupt it.

He told Titi, she advised him to take the job. He also told Iya Basil about it as she was his advisor on this particular matter, she also advised him to go for it, that if this was love, there would be no end to it, but money was essential to it.

Corper James was not sure he would go for it, the interview was just Friday and by Wednesday, he was still in Isua. it was on Wednesday evening while he was watching a football match that his mentor, Dr. Ansa, advised him to attend the interview, at least for the sake of the person who found the job for him, so he would also know if he had passed.

So, it happened that early Thursday morning, Corper James set for Port Harcourt, and on Friday he wrote and passed the interview, and then by Saturday early morning, he left for Ondo State. He had promised Titi that he would visit her that weekend at her school.

By 4:30pm, he was in his house, famished from the trip from Port Harcourt down to Ondo, he should have stayed back in his place, but he had promised Titi that he would visit her this weekend and she had no idea that he even travelled to Port Harcourt. So he went to her school with a piece of pleasant surprise for her.


He got to Titi’s place by 5:30pm, network coverage in the area was something that was not to be mentioned. So there was no way he could call her. But he saw a few friends of hers, who also knew him. So he told them to help call her.

He had waited for over an hour, with no sight of her. By past 7pm, a young man, Eniola, then told him that he knew where she was and would take him there, but on getting there, he did not see her. When he told Eniola that she was not there as they walked back, Eniola then called him to a halt.

Speaking in his yoruba accented English, he spoke in low tunes, “Corper, You like this girl? You really like this girl?”

Corper James found it amusing, but he replied in the affirmative.

Eniola asked again, “Corper, I know why I deh ask this question, because one day, me too I will be a Corper and I might see a girl I want to marry, if she is doing anyhow, I will like someone to tell me.”

Corper James didn’t take it seriously as he had immersed himself in a Yoruba adage he learnt from them, which said, “T’oba r’obinrin, ti wo ki toast niyen, O ti baje” which meant “If you see any female, that no body tries to woo, that one is spoilt.”

Corper James just felt that this wasn’t true, but Eniola told him that if you ask anyone around, they will tell you that Titi’s boyfriend is Tajudeen. Corper James didn’t believe, Eniola then called a teenager and asked the question, and the teenage boy’s answer proved Eniola right.

Well, Corper James just said all he needed was the key to her house as he couldn’t possibly go back to his place by that time. He then got to see Tajudeen and begged Tajudeen to tell him the whereabouts of Titi if he had seen her, to which Tajudeen denied.


He then told Tajudeen to tell her that Corper needs her key if he did see her. They shook hands and left, if only he knew.

It was some minutes to 9pm and Corper James was still wearing the shoes he wore since 6am at Port Harcourt. No sight of Titi. He then told a teenage boy to take him to Tajudeen’s house, which he paid the boy N50 for, since the place is a bit far.

They went there but the house was locked. He was restless as this has never happened before. The prince of the community who knew Corper James was dating Titi, also saw him and admonished him to increase efforts concerning Titi.

Well, Titi’s landlady then gave Corper James spare key since she knew him as her boyfriend. He took the keys opened the door, kept his luggages, but he wanted to know where she was that night.

So he contracted two other teenage boys and gave them N100 and promised to give them the same amount if they found her. So they gleefully went about searching for her. After over 30 minutes, they came to tell him that they had seen her, in Tajudeen’s room.

Corper James was heartbroken, his reason was why? why would this happen? this was a girl he just boasted about to his father and siblings.


Well, he wanted to be sure, so by that few minutes to 10pm, he tiptoed to Tajudeen’s door and forced his ear on the door to make any sound. When he was sure it was her voice, he shouted her name, “Titi, Ahh! Titi”.

Titi and Tajudeen were bolted to shock, there was silence, after a while, Tajudeen comes to the door sporting a brief, saying Titi is not in his house. After a brief exchange of words, Tajudeen offers to give Corper James Titi’s key, saying he holds Titi’s spare keys, but Corper James rejected it.

But he still wasn’t sure Titi was in there. So when Tajudeen went inside, he then went to the window and listened very well. It was when he heard her voice, and was sure she was there, that he left the window and went to her room and slept there. Or you could say lay there, as sleep couldn’t come. It was like a punishment.

Before sunlight, Corper James was already awake, thinking of his next move. Because he had pleaded with Titi, saying, “whenever you are tired of me, let me know. Do not cheat, but rather quit with me once you’re tired.”

The next morning after brushing his mouth, prepping to leave, there was a knock on the door. Titi quietly sauntered into the room, she knelt before Corper James pleading by all she could plead. Saying the guy forced her not to reply, forced her to spend the night in his place, when Corper James asked if they had intercourse, she swore that such did not happen.

He had planned on leaving and was previously praying to God for direction the week before, and suddenly he passed the interview exam and Titi disappointed him over here. What if this was God’s voice.


He wanted to leave that Sunday morning but after her pleading, he told her that where the relationship would go from now depended totally on her attitude, as he would be with her till Tuesday morning.

He was doubtful, but was still wishing she was not lying. He was still thinking of continuing this love marathon, until the big expose that Sunday evening at the palace. That was Corper James knew there was trouble!

P.S.: This is a true story, and the story was shared by the actual characters involved. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved. I apologize for any resemblance to any character and it is not intended. Also, this piece is not intended to be copied or reproduced in any form without permission from the owner of the story. Reach out to me, if you need to know more, and you’d be linked to the owner of the biography.


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