Photo credit: Kesco Zagha

2020 seems to be finally over, and so so many people would be breathing a huge sigh of relief at the end of it all.

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For some, it’s the end of another year, a year their business went down, or a loved one died, an uneventful year, but no one can say 2020 didn’t have its toll on us.

For me, it’s the year I finally got to serve as a member of National Youth Service Corps in my country after graduating in September 2018.

Myself as a corps member

It really was something I did look forward to, especially the camp experience. You could say I had pre-knowledge of it. My cousin would not stop yapping about it.


Though the camp experience was cut down by the deadly Corona virus, but the service still continued as with the repressing lockdown, I had to resume my service in Ondo State.

I lost an aunt in what seemed to be poisoning, and she was buried uneventfully that same day due to the whole COVID-19.

We also lost stars too, from Chadwick Boseman, to Kobe Bryant, to Diego Maradona. What about the thousands who died.

Oh! Should we talk about the #ENDSARS protest that rocked my nation, Nigeria. It was more than a protest against Police brutality. Twas more like a revolution, well until it was hijacked.

Do we talk about the people that died especially on that sad night at Lekki Toll gate where Nigerian youths died while singing the national anthem and wielding the Nigerian flag?


What about Fahim Saleh, the founder of GOKADA who was gruesomely murdered. The young entrepreneur who was an inspiration to many of us, young ones out there.

Fahim Saleh

But for once I never felt the world was coming to an end. I felt this world had allowed a lot of things to go on that I deserved a chance too to grow old.

I remember once that I made a news on alleged child stealing in Kasomene Faith Hospital In Port Harcourt. I did receive calls for the sake of that article. Journalists do go through a lot.

Love also happened. Funny enough it happened four times this year to me. Maybe I’m not as hard ad I think I am.

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Many resolutions got reset. Many goals also weren’t achieved. But some few things were met. I did score some of my goals. I believe most persons did.

Liverpool finally won the English Premier League, football came back and it seemed like the virus was going down, but then, we never know.

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Oh! Donald Trump lost his re-election bid! Quite a year, isn’t it? Many persons have been counting what they lost, but why not just be thankful that you are alive.

Photo credit: Kesco Zagha

As we glide into this new year, we should know that life doesn’t refresh cos its a new year, and the world isn’t ending. Its about time we take the world by storm.

Meanwhile, as we are about to go into 2021, it will be my third year as an active blogger. Click on the link and take this survey to help make the blog a wonderful experience in 2021.


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