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This “have you eaten” is a very bad question to ask. Please, stop it guys. It’s weak, here’s a few hints: “how are you feeling today? is everything alright? Do you need anything? Do you want anything? Are you happy?” Please, we are not hungry!

I didn’t even address the important question, I jumped to the food aspect😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️♥️

In this 21st century, a lot of people, end up with a particular partner because they find them physically, mentally, financially or emotionally attractive and shii.

Matter of fact, it’s mostly physical and financial attraction now and for that reason, they look past a lot of important stuff and before you know it, few weeks/months/years into the marriage, they get to realize they are no longer compatible and shii.

First of all, sis abi bro, y’all were never compatible but you failed to notice that because you were blinded by what you saw and got attracted to!

Khafi & Gedoni who recently got married

For example, we see people say they’ll rather cry in Bentley than cry in a tricycle (laughs). It’s actually nice.

But, if you look past the financial aspect, you’d get to realize that the idiot you are with, is an unfortunate bastard, who doesn’t care about how you’d react, if they did certain things but, because we are carried away by what they can provide us with, we tend to ignore the most important thing and that is the fact that they are SHITTY!


Don’t get me wrong, I like money, very very much. But, I’m not gonna be with you, because you’ve got the money with a shitty attitude!

I am with you because after my personal assessment and shii, I have come to a conclusion that I will be able to endure your flaws and not complain in future!

Complaining that your partner doesn’t care about you or that they cheat, is totally alright, if you didn’t know from the start that the creature you are with, is capable of being that way but chill, take a pill, there are signs, you just ignored them.


Marriage is a long term commitment, I’d like to say till death do us part but, there are instances where the death must not be from that union. (Laughs)

Trust me, with the right partner, a God fearing one at that, even after death, you’ll still wanna be with the person.😫😫😫♥️♥️♥️♥️ Be wise😏😏😏😉😉😉.

And now, you’re on social media, dragging the creature and saying MARRIAGE/LOVE na scam!


No, sibling, you are just unfortunate and rather than accept that you failed in making the right decision as to who to be with, you’ve decided to drag the entire human race down your line of failure!

Pray before settling with a particular person!! Pray brothers, pray sisters, just god damn pray and don’t be unfortunate!😒😒😒😒

If they possess attitudes you know you can’t endure for long, end it in a peaceful manner, someone else will accept their trash and trust me, you are not that someone!

Our guest writer, P. E. Edinyang Esq, is a chef, and a barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. You can reach out to her on


2 Replies to “REASONS WHY LOVE IS NOT A SCAM ~ Peace Edinyang”

  1. Very nice piece, most of us can be very sentimental……its not that the sign or the reality that this person is not for me isn’t there. it just that most of us allow our emotions cloud our reasoning. My dear if you’re in a relationship and the ratio of the bad is far greater than the good, and your not treated the way you believe you ought to be, give your self a sense of dignity and respect…just peacefully withdraw. Let’s really stop jumping into relationships and staying in bad ones just because you feel whatever you’re feeling. trust me someone that will love you to the moon and back is waiting for you, just pray and ask God to bring him or her to you😘😘😘


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