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Good morning and compliments of the wonderful season. Its really sad that I have not been as consistent as I would have love to, but I do promise that 2021 would be really great.

So, I was on social media micro blogging app, Twitter, yesterday, and I saw a tweet where someone said a girlfriend is a potential wife.

It puzzles me how many people don’t date to get married. I actually don’t know how it is done.

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I do have this friend who dated this girl back in college (university), we were all in our final year, and I don’t know, but I didn’t see any light at the end of this tunnel, twas all dark.

So one day, I ask the lady, “where do you think this relationship is headed?”

She laughs and replies, “Anywhere the wind takes us, sweetie. Anywhere.”

I spoke no more, cos I am not supposed to know much about these kinda stuffs. Fast forward one month later, and they are done with each other. They talk, but no, they are not getting married.

I know this other couple, who’s been dating for 5 years, but the guy now seems to be tired of the relationship and wants to quit but don’t know how to.

I once asked someone that what is the point of dating someone if you are never going to get married, he replied for companionship. Another said for to have a sexual partner.

Its something I may never know, but would like to know a lot. I remember when I was advised my friend Precious, to try to love and love absolutely. But how do I love absolutely, when I feel the love isn’t going any where?

How are you even sure the love is headed where you want it to? What about a man I know whose fiancée absconded on the day of the wedding?

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