NYSC members in a parade (Corpers)

“Corpers, never follow any female indigene of this village. If you must follow your fellow corpers.”

This was the warning we were given when we arrived our PPA as members of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps.

The advice had been sounded long before our arrival to the PPA with different traditional rulers emphasizing on how it is to get married here.

NYSC members in a parade (Corpers, with females positioned in front)

It is an advice that is usually giving to corp members not to have any sexual relationship with the indigents of their place of primary assignment. An advice rendered more to the males.

“I am not following any villager o, all my nono will end in my fellow corp members.” ~ Chris, male corper.

“Guy, you know the meaning of Ondo? It means to ‘knack’. I go Ondo very well before I leave here.” ~ Ojo, male corper.

“Me? Why won’t I be able to hold myself. I already had a good time with my Paramour, so I will wait till I go back.” ~ Shukrat, female corper.

“Oh! My place isn’t far from here, I usually invite my boyfriend over for weekends.” ~ Tessy, female corper.

“Me, I prefer to follow these my students o instead of anybody for the community. Make magun no catch me.” ~ Frank, a male corper

The funny thing is, the female indigenes are usually, easily attracted to the male corpers. Most times, even the married ones won’t even tell you that they are married.

Most of the girls here, get married at quite a young age, and do not wear rings. So, most times, you don’t even know that a lady is married.

It is one of those things for a corper.

P.S.: All names have been changed to hide the identity of the interviewees. Any resemblance to any name, person or character is not intended.



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