So today, against all my instincts, I took a bike whose rider was deaf. It was after we had started that I regretted listening to people’s opinion.

This was my life on the line here, baba was speeding like he could hear the next bike coming.

I was praying, I was really praying, I had to even change the ‘King Kong’ by Vector playing in my IMAX to “You’re all that matters” by GUC.

As the journey progressed I realized baba (the bike rider) couldn’t hear a speeding bike from behind, and I’ve already paid.

My regrets kept on compounding and it seemed like the alignment of the bike was wrong, as all weight moved to the left side.

Brethren, finally, it happened. However we were lucky, there was no oncoming vehicle. This was in between bush by some minutes to 7pm.

So baba pleaded and I climbed and continued, baba started to speed despite the sound we heard from the bike. (On writing this, I just realized he couldn’t hear the sound from the bike).

We got to where I felt we were supposed to make a turn, baba wanted to go straight.

Twas at this point I realized baba didn’t hear my destination or didn’t know.

I came down to help ask for directions and next thing, baba had zoomed off.


Like a whole me, was fooled or cheated cos I felt I wanted to be compassionate.

Despite the accident, baba didn’t feel like parting with some of the money I had paid.

Omo (Son in Yoruba)
Whatever your instincts is against, don’t you ever do it!


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