The top 10 rated war and history movies of all time for me, are the ones that pique my emotions and adrenaline at the same time.

War movies are movies that involve a group of soldiers fighting against another, while action movie involves fighting and is most times heroic. But war and history movies are war movies with aim of replicating a true story.

1. We were Soldiers

As at the time when I watched this movie for the first time, I didn’t know who Mel Gibson was, but with time as I rewatched and rewatched, Mel Gibson stuck to my head. We were Soldiers was the movie I watched and decided that I would be a Soldier. This 2002 movie is still a watch.

2. Fury

Oh Fury! Maybe I did like it initially cos Brad Pitt was in it, but it didn’t fail to live up to the hype. The movie produced in 2014 touched some parts of war that we miss on some other movies. The emotions in this movie. (Sighs)

3. Hacksaw Ridge

Though I won’t lie that one of the reasons I initially persisted was because of Mel Gibson, but I wanted to see how the two little brothers fighting would end up. This is one emotional war movie that really got my adrenaline up.

4. Saving Private Ryan

This is one of the oldest because for a huge while I have not rewatched this.

5. Brave Heart

This 1995 Mel Gibson inspired act was a master piece for me. Though, I hate to admit, but I was sad when my hero ‘William Wallace’ later died. Brave Heart truly requires a brave heart to watch.

6. The siege of Jadotville

The siege of Jadotville, a true story 2016 movie. An Irish commander and his battalion of 150 men withstand a siege by 3,000 Congolese troops led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining corporations.

7. 12 Strong

12 Strong just typifies the courage one needs to survive in a war. Modern shooting combined with horsebacks, giving it that Epic feel.

8. Defiance

I had recently watched it, Though Daniel Craig had played James Bond in the 007 series, I didn’t like him, until today. After I had watched Defiance, I just had to love him.

9. Beasts of no Nation.

A movie I love – hate, if there’s any word like that. But this makes my movie list. Idris Elba who was one of the main characters in this saddening reality.

10.) Grey Hound

The last but definitely not the least is Tom Hanks GREY HOUND. This is loved because it how’s out of the ordinary.

P.S. These are my personal opinions and were not arranged in any order. If you do feel I missed out any movie, feel free to use the comment box to remind me.



  1. You should see MIDWAY. There are also others, which titles I can’t remember, that also could have made it to the category. Amidst your top 10 I have only seen “Hacksaw Ridge” (my all time favorite) and “12 strong”. Nice work still, i’ll have to watch the ones that have piqued my interest…


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