1st of October is annual celebration of Independence day for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having gained Independence from Great Britain on 1st October, 1960. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation (also the most populous black nation), is a nation threaded around the halls of not just tribalism, but also religion. With Christianity predominant in the Southern and Western zones, and Islam predominant in the Northern zones.

In a bid to co-exist as one, the nation’s ruling powers have often made for provision for public holidays on special days of the both religions. Also, the both religions have not failed to include the nation in their prayers. The nation’s annual celebration of Independence is also being celebrated by the religious organizations in the country.

The nation also boast a wide membership of indigenous churches, of which one of them is the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubhim and Seraphim founded by Saint Moses Orimolade Tunolase Ajagunmokadi of blessed memory. The church scattered across the world with much concentration in the country is divided into provinces, one of which is Diobu Province in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. This province have always deemed it fit to celebrate the annual independence via a program that starts from about 9pm every 30th september through the early hours of 1st October.

The event dubbed ‘GREAT FEAST OF TRUMPETS’ is an all night crusade that features a plethora of the word, presentations and music from a team of over 100 trumpeters. But due to the constraints on social gathering enforced by the pandemic, the church had moved this year’s Great Feast of Trumpets from the usual venue at the Rumueme Civic center at the heart of the city of Port Harcourt to a virtual feast of trumpet where it has been ongoing since the hours of 06:00 hours (WAT) till 06:00 hours (WAT) tomorrow.

To join in on the virtual program, click here


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