This morning, when I decided to check my phone for updates on all social media platforms; on WhatsApp, I saw on a friend’s status, something funny and perturbing. She had gone to register her SIM card. The guy at the SIM registration centre who processed the documents for her, had copied down her phone number without her consent, to keep in touch with her.

Now, he even followed her to her house. How much NO would be enough for this guy to understand that she is not interested. This is a one of the many questions that bothers ladies. While a lady is feeling that she is being pestered; most times, the guy (the pester) often feels her NO is just her way of saying he should try harder. How this works is one thing that is very difficult to fathom. She shared a screenshot of their conversation on WhatsApp, after he had sent her a message.

Pester: I can’t just get you off my head, I really like you and want us to be friends. I promise not to hurt your feelings, just give me a chance in your life.

Uninterested Girl: No, No, Leave me alone!

Pester: If it were possible for me to stop thinking of you, I wouldn’t have been disturbing you.

Uninterested Girl: I really don’t like you or have any personal feelings growing anywhere for you. Leave me alone! You took my number off your customer care book for this? I’m really being nice.

She ended up blocking calls from his number, and also blocking him on WhatsApp, but part of her is still scared that the young man might stalk her to her house.

Another instance was one that happened in Ondo state of Nigeria, where a man beat up a married woman and tore her cloth because she reacted after he touched her buttocks. Though the guy was arrested by the Nigerian Police on her complaint, but somehow, he was released.

Many times, ladies complain of how they want to be able to lead a normal life, and not live as prey. It saddens me because I can’t really know how they feel. But how about the males, how about them. What leads to this rush of desire on sighting a woman. How does her negative reaction motivate you further? What makes you feel her no would be changed by your constant push?


6 Replies to “HOW MUCH NO IS ENOUGH?”

  1. Personally, I feel no is no and should be treated with respect. Guys should learn to respect a lady’s decision whether it’s what they wanted to hear or not.

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    1. I think most guys feel probably insulted when they’re rejected by a lady, so they opt for pestering or stalking the lady just to punish her…this is highly disrespectful, the opinion of the female gender should be respected.

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      1. Some men think they have what it takes to cajole a woman from saying no to yes, but that’s a big error. Men should learn how to accept the response they get from the woman the asking out or talking to. It has nothing to do with your ego.

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