Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh, founder of GOKADA was allegedly murdered in his New York home at about 3pm, according to New York Times. His body was found dismembered, without a head and without limbs, scattered around the room, as at when the Police arrived the scene. His sister had come to check on him, after not hearing from him for nearly 24 hours, only to find the gory scene, and then she called 911. The police believed she might have interrupted the evidence clean up, as the electric saw was still plugged in.

His $2.2 million apartment in New York

Fahim Saleh, 33, born in Saudi Arabia to Bangladesh parents had just bought his luxurious apartment late last year about $2.2 million; was a very innovative tech entrepreneur and an alumnus of Bentley University, co-founded Pathao together with Hussain M Elius and Shifat Adnan in 2015.

GOKADA bikes at exhibition

Fahim Saleh, the founder of GOKADA — the bike hailing company which started operating two years ago in Nigeria’s commercial capital city, Lagos; was renowned not just for his enthusiasm in the Nigerian market, but also for his optimism in the Nigerian market, despite reports of unfriendly business environment. He believed GOKADA would be able to transform the GDP of Lagos, Nigeria; just like that of Jarkarta, the capital of Indonesia with a GDP that has grown ten times since the year 2000, with the advent of bike taxis.

Fahim Saleh, CEO of GOKADA, on a GOKADA bike with the rider.

GOKADA was said to have uplifted many Nigerians, who were gainfully employed as full time or part time workers, and it had no room for gender discrimination, as it also employed females as well as males. As at February, 2020; when the government of Lagos State placed a ban on commercial bikes in the state, GOKADA was reported to have shut down. But instead of leaving, the venture was transformed to a delivery business. Fahim Saleh, before his death, was still studying the Nigerian market and had plans to expand and accelerate his boat hailing venture — G-BOATS, similar to GOKADA. Other business he was looking to expand in Africa’s most populated nation included G-CHOP and G-MEDIC, a service which provides first aid to accident victims.

An imagination of Fahim Saleh’s G – BOATS

Fahim Saleh, wasn’t just a lover of the Nigerian market, he was also an enthusiast in the teeming youth population of the country. One of those who won’t be forgetting Saleh easily is Bill Achusim who appraised the techpreneuer who invested in his venture even without knowing him personally.

A tweet from @billachusim on the death of Fahem Saleh

Fahim Saleh wasn’t just a role model to the nation’s youth. But was also an ardent believer in the success of Africa’s most populous nation. He sought out means to thrive in the nation, when others thought of leaving. He had vision for Lagos, he saw growth as wild as that of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia where others saw disaster. He persevered even in the face if turbulent business climate.

It really is a sad time not just for his family, but for the commercial capital of Nigeria, that has lost an investor.

PAUL CHIKAIKE KALU alias PAUL KAY is a content creator on the blog; A member of association of Nigerian Authors, a poet (stage and page), copy writer, and an environmentalist who believes in the preservation of this earth and development of Africa. Contact him on



  1. Could you have possibly found a heartfelt tweet from a sincere person that did not use the most horrid profanity with G-d’s name with the F word? Tacky.Hideous.


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