The issue of trust cannot be overemphasized, everyone is a suspect to someone, and no one trusts anyone, so you see it is just a vicious cycle that we keep going through, it happens to keep things happening. Seeing how trust is something you earn, why should it always be a thing of drama amongst the females? Being a female is stressful enough, but the drama that comes with it? Oh! Don’t let me get into it.

Well, just recently there was a ruckus on every social media platform about a lady that was poisoned by her supposed friends, because she got an iPhone on her birthday, while some
persons countered the information going round that she was poisoned by the same friends that celebrated with her, some others used it as an opportunity to rant (smiles). Well,we may never know what really transpired, except from all we saw on social media, but we would definitely be diving into the topic from here.

Why is there so much drama?

Like why do the female population make it so hard to just be females, one moment they are all speaking about feminism and how everyone should stand up for each other, standing together against the world and the next moment they are dragging a supposed female like them, it is so confusing and sometimes I wish I was not a female (just kidding).

All I’m trying to say but probably not saying, is that the drama in being female is just too much at times. How about the ‘haters club’? From what I’ve observed these ones always feel like they have haters everywhere; hey sis, take a chill pill, sit down and think of something beneficial to yourself and those around you. It’s scary what can come out of those little episodes of calling
out your haters on social media. I think one thing we should all do is, GROW UP! Please, please and please ‘GROW UP!’ It would prevent the whole hate speech thing and then help you do better things with your time.

Moving onto another dramatic phase; I would be talking about jealousy. Jealousy is like dark magic, that seeps into your soul in bits and pieces until it consumes you, and in its wake, leaves nothing. Hey love, be happy for that your friend, when she achieves something, celebrate her, don’t act like it isn’t a big deal, knowing the kind of effort she put in. After all the sweet
name calling on social media; the least you could do, is stand by her and continue cheering when she gets ‘a win’. One day, you would be in her shoes and she would be cheering for you.

The last thing I would be talking about here is the main issue of the day, TRUST. Like we most times say, “we don’t trust anyone”, but when you give your friend your phone to use for a minute or two, that is trust,you are indirectly telling the person, I trust you to handle my phone with care. When we hug our friends, we are saying, “I trust you not to stab me in the back while hugging; if not, we would definitely be turning to see what’s happening behind us while hugging.

The thing here is, trust is a big deal and should be treated as such, most times people abuse trust and friendship and this is common amongst the female population, it is so bad some ladies are scared of accepting drinks or food from some of their friends, they do not want to be drugged or worse still, poisoned. Well, if you think about, we can’t blame anyone, if the female population can cut down on the drama, I am sure the world would be a better place, and we would all definitely enjoy it.



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