Some decades ago, the virginity of a woman was her worth and a determinant of her value. She was seen as a precious jewel by her rightfully wedded husband.

The virginity of a woman is her pride and dignity. It’s something that a woman should treasure and shouldn’t let go just to anyone.

Biblically, her rightfully wedded husband should be the first to go into her. Socially, virginity is a social conception which has been left for a woman to decide; either to be chaste, promiscuous or be faithful to her partner.

If you have been deflowered, either by consent or rape; it is not a license to be promiscuous. Bury the past and move on. You can’t go forward looking backward.

Most ladies have this false belief that their virginity is a proof of their purity. Permit me to say, there are lots of virgins with dirty attitudes. They steal, lie, gossip, ill-mannered, etc. In other words, they sin too; coming from a religious perspective.

Womens’ worth should not be measured by how many men she’s been on bed with. Nor should it be scaled by her ‘virginity’. They do not deserve to be seen in that disparagement.

Also, some women are responsible for how the society labels them. This is because they have failed to work on themselves. A woman of value irrespective of their past can not be belittled.

In respect to an amazing woman and author, Joyce Meyer, despite her ugly experiences while she was growing, she is a woman of great worth today. She didn’t just relax and blame life for giving her such bad fate. She developed herself, increased her value bank and made good out the dung.

Today, she is seen as a role model to many women. She is an inspiration to all. Her books has reached out to others around the world. If she never found reason to be a better version of her person, she wouldn’t make such impact. This is because millions of lives are attached to her.

Back to our drawing board, virginity is not a criterion for a happy and successful marriage. Your virginity is an extra bonus to your worth; if you have a golden character.

Woman! Develop yourself in all areas of life. Be a person of impact. Treasure knowledge than material things. True value is not a measure of how expensive your material possessions are nor how many times you change your wardrobe.
Basically, true worth is how much you add value to your knowledge bank and how you use to help others. Improve yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and scripturally.

Go for that extra skill in your field. Pay for that online tutorial. Buy that book that would enlighten you. Bury your past experiences. Build your career, pursue your passion. Lots of lives are attached to your greatness. Keep grinding!

Matilda Dikibo is a contributor to the blog. A poet and writer who hails from Rivers State, Nigeria. She has lots of poems, short stories to her credit and articles yet to be publised. Her stage name is Matiwrites.



  1. Well, virginity is a virtue to all women, a virtue in the sense that, it is an admirable quality.
    To me, I think I stand by this write up; some women who are not virgins, may be as a result of coincidence, but that does not really describe who they are. Their character is what matters a lot, and their ambition likewise, attitude and character is the virginity of a woman

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