Matilda Dikibo

    In the world we live in, everyone seems so occupied with their means of livelihood. Adulthood comes with its ample of business, career advancement and academic attainments. When one has hustled and bustled, there would be a time one becomes too feeble. Hence, the need for retirement sets in.

     The feebleness of the matriach or patriarch of the family is usually a burden. Especially where everyone is busy with their means of livelihood. It would be like throwing away a treasure; for any member of the family to forgo his/her dream to care for the feeble one in the family. The idea of hiring a nanny or caregiver; trusting a complete stranger is not always welcomed. Thus, home of the elderly is recommended to tackle this issue.
    There are few cases where some adults do not have immediate family members. In this situation, such an old person would prefer being at the home of the elderly. This is one of the reasons the home of the elderly was established. It is very fair to say that the government of a country should equip the home of the elderly adequately.

     The home of the elderly gives old people a sense of companionship and belonging. No doubt, every young or old person is always happy in the midst of their age groups. The old adult would always want choose to be in a community filled with their mates, away from the worries of family matters. There would be no room for loneliness and depression when they are always happy.
     At the home of the elderly, they’re usually in positive and educative activities. These includes; chess and poker, scrabbles and reading groups.

   In their feebleness,  they need help to accomplish simple tasks. At the home of the elderly, these tasks are done by well experienced and reliable caregivers. In their families, where everyone seems too busy and career oriented, proper care and simple tasks would be deficient.
       Proper medical treatments, personal assistance and proper diet are one of the many others their family may not be able to afford. To avoid this financial burden, they prefer being at a place most of their needs as old adults would be met. Also, it is unhealthy for old people to always stay alone. Their family might be deficient in giving them enough time, attention and care that they need.
         Therefore, most old people prefer the home of the elderly because they do not want to be a burden to their families. Whereas, there’s a place they would be more comfortable, receive the appropriate treatments and live happily everyday. Thus, the home of the elderly should be a ply the government should be made free and well-equiped.

Matilda Dikibo is a contributor to the blog. A poet and writer who hails from Rivers State, Nigeria. She has lots of poems, short stories to her credit and articles yet to be publised. Her stage name is Matiwrites.



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