If I ever finish this post. I would credit it to Mr. Honour Eke-John.

These days nothing seem to be going right, nothing at all. Money, Love, Life, Progress, Creativity, everything is just dormant. Nothing, seems to be moving. I just wish I can hibernate like the bear and come out when it is all done. Many people say the nouvelle CoVID-19 virus gives you time to reflect, evaluate and come out stronger. Do they know it gives you excess time to start comparing your life to other people’s lives?

Before the virus, I could say I am stronger. People sought light in me and most of them found it. Now, I don’t know what to say. Life seem so confused. I heard my sisters having an argument on who’s going to be the rich one.

Sister A said, “Why do you think you will be rich? Do you think anyone ever woke up or planned to be a trader in a dirty market?”

Sister B said, “I just know I will make it.”

Now, I may not know how it is for some other person in a different cultural, geographical or political setting; but I would be writing from the Nigerian setting. The Nigerian parents of people in their twenties had a Nigeria that was quite fair; economically, I mean. They imbibed in their children, a mentality of, ‘go to school and after school, you’d get a job’. Always using the tailor, or hairdresser next door, as a negative example of what a child would end up, if one didn’t take education seriously.

So, these children, most of them unwilling, did have the ambition of graduating from a university or at least attaining the secondary school certificate. Many of them had no idea what would be next, but they knew they wanted to be rich. They wanted to have a good life. They needed to. Front page of a popular newspaper in Rivers State, Nigeria — The National Network Newspaper had the headline the parents of a certain girl would have wanted for three years. The sentence to death of a kidnapper who murdered their lovely daughter of about seven years old. How old was the kidnapper? He was just twenty three at 2017, the time of this crime and was also a third year student of the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

He has been sentenced to death; but if you ask me, I’d like to grant him an interview before he is executed. To know how he thinks the way he does, or why he thought the way he did. Most of the crimes committed recently are carried out by people in their twenties. They’ve grown to find out that the field is no longer what they were promised, and they’ve had a different picture of how their future was to pan out; they’re working on a deadline, of what they want and where they should be by 30. Many of them are willing to do whatever of takes.

The pressure on them is heavy and mountainous, but the sad thing is only a few people know about this. Many of them stomach this in. Does it help? It rarely does. It rather pushes them to cross lines they had earlier vowed never to cross. It makes them take decisions they turn out to regret later. Even their push at life, seem like a push of a baby against a brick wall.

My dad always tell me how he had his first car at 20 and had his first job at 18. Such a time! Such a time, and many times, many many times, I do wish I was born in his time. Times are changing; maybe this is another revolution. But many people have no idea of how to handle it. There’s no manual and neither would there be one anytime soon. People d t even adore motivational posts these days.

People just look at the tree house at the top of the tree and wish they could be there, and it seems like the ladder to take them up has been destroyed.

To every folk in their twenties; take a deep breath, ease the pressure on your self and revel in the reality of living, rather than placing deadlines on your self. Stop being too hard on yourself, always have an outlet. It could be an activity, a person, a hobby. But do have an outlet.

And to every folk around anyone in their twenties or even thirties; talk to them, let them come out.

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