Yubedee Pyamene Anokari.

Isn’t it fascinating how there is a clear distinction between the wealthy and those just trying to get by? How the rich gets richer and then the poor, it is better left unsaid.

This is what life has taught me!

Yes, I have seen the dark sides of life; and to this moment, I know life could be better than it is currently. Yes, I know there are waking up to cherries and sweet smelling roses. Waking up in the comfort of a soothing room, conveniently conditioned, relaxing to the body, and medicine to the mind, yes I know.

I know there could be ALEXA, your virtual house assistant, giving your home the best of luxuries technology can afford – this I know for sure. But this I know also, just as I know my name; that life, the life I seek, isn’t just given at the asking.

Freedom they say, is not willingly given by the oppressors, but it is fought for valiantly, in a fierce battle by the oppressed. The life I seek isn’t the one of mere having fancy cars and high rise buildings, but one of influence – reaching thousands and millions, perhaps billions too around the world. No one listens to a pauper, I repeat, no one listens to a pauper; that’s the code!

Sitting on my bed, in my room, with the lights on; gazing through the window, I can see there’s worth more to life than what currently is.

I was once told…
“Son, aim for the moon, that way if you by chance, don’t eventually get to it, you may as well just fall among the stars”

“Trees don’t just grow, they sprout from their seeds first before making it tall”

So yes, I trust the process, though it may be quite difficult to believe anything good will come out of it. Yet prospects I see, blinkers and flashes telling me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

At the end, hope is all we’ve got. A hope that tells us it’s going to be okay. A glimmer of light that assures us of a dream come true, some day, some time, maybe even sooner than imagined.

You can never lose a match you don’t play they say, but I say – life is constantly gaming at us each day in a match just much more longer than the regular ninety minutes, and if we don’t play, we’ve already lost, cos life is just going to walk us over!

But this is one thing I am never going to do – I am never going to give up!

Yes I have seen the lows of life and that assures me there’s a high side too, and there, there we must reach – If not today, then tomorrow. But the constant, remains; a man never fails if he never stops trying.

So away from the rigorous and fast paced life. I know life could be as calm as the sea at night, and as bright as the sun at noon. As peaceful and beautiful as the moon-studded cloud at night and as perfect as nature. As soothing as waking up to a perfect smile from a partner, and walking the evenings with the one you love in a park full of brightly coloured trees and flowers.

Taking a sip of baileys in the penthouse and watching the city from that high – oh what a view it is! A life better than yoga, and other therapeutic procedures. That is the life I seek, that is the life I want, that is the life I will get!

Yubedee Pyamene Anokari is a contributor on PAUL KAY’s BLOG. A content creator and entrepreneur. Currently a student of environmental studies at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. An SDG advocate, passionate about personal growth and development.


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