Ibinabo Sekibo

After reading the first part (the previous blog post), many readers kept on clamouring for the second part of it. And so, here is it.


Host: Hello, good evening; I am Sekibo Ibinabo. A lot of persons today, want to know what it is like having Co-Ed roommates; and so if you wouldn’t mind, would you please introduce yourself?
Sophie: Evening Sekibo, nice name. My name is Sophie Noks aka: shugar. From Delta State, Nigeria. I’m a female brown skin girl, resides in Lagos, Nigeria.
Host: Thank you. Now, this might be out of context, but I would love to know how you got nicknamed Shugar.
Sophie: Oh! sorry bout that. So my job in a factory; everyday, I get to work, I greet my co-workers but call them shugar.
Host: Oh! I don’t think I would live with some one of the opposite sex that I’m not related to, romantically or by family.

Host: So, my first question: did you ever think you would be living with someone you aren’t related to romantically or by family?
Sophie: Yeah.
Host: Wow, so you are trying to say living with three boys didn’t seem shocking to you?
Sophie: At all. I like the fact that they were three; so they can keep themselves company, then I could jump into their company. But, it wouldn’t have been nice if it was just one guy and me. That one, you don enter! So I loved d fact that there was three of them
Host: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ….okay. How?
Sophie: Like if it’s only a girl and a boy in a room; Come on, the boy body go dey move now. No control
Host: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sophie: But with the other boys, he will adjust well.

Host: How long had you known the boys, before you had to stay with them?
Sophie: Three years
Host: Wow! In those three years of knowing them, did you ever think you would all end up as roommates?
Sophie: No, not at all. We weren’t even that close.
Host: Wow! so how did you cope with staying with them; at least, the first few weeks?
Sophie: Wonderful, Great! I’ve never been so free with living with anyone. You know when you’re squatting with someone, and you’re tensed to do clean up, and chores; to cook, just to make the owner of the house happy with you. It was never like that for me. I lived like I was alone.

Host: In a sentence how would you describe the experience?
Sophie: Peace.
Host: (chuckles) Okay. Was there any sexual tension in the house?
Sophie: Not really.
Host: In my head when you say not really, seems like something nearly happened, would you share?
Sophie: Nothing nearly happened. But you know we play a lot. So, at some point; few of them would be like “Sophie, gimme fuck now”, all those things. But, we laughed about it.
Host: Oh! Okay. Ever had a crush on any of the guys?
Sophie: Nah. But I was fond of one.
Host: Which of them?
Sophie: Honour
Host: OK, how did you cope with seeing three boners every morning and why Honour?
Sophie: It’s nothing, they were like kids to me. So I saw those things like tiny sticks.
Host: (Laughs)
Sophie: He would laugh for any reason, take my excesses and he liked food. So, I had to stick around, to always eat from him. A free giver, a kind soul but mad!

Host: Awwwnnn, but when you say mad; I get lost. Care to throw a little light?

Sophie: Mad like; he plays like a baby, nothing bothers him, no shame. Anything that makes him happy, he does regardless.

Host: Who was the weirdest amongst you guys?

Sophie: Me I would say

Host: Why?

Sophie: Because, today I’m all excited; lovey and sweet. Next day, I’m back to my shell; don’t want to talk to anyone.

Host: Oh! What’s the funniest memory you can remember?
Sophie: Many ooo.
Host: Share a few with us please?
Sophie: But one was when Paul needed a washer to wash his clothes; and me and Honour volunteered with joy and happiness. I think for #300 each. We washed it and was begging people for more clothes to wash. (chuckles) We bought breakfast with the money.
Host: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds like you all had a lot of fun.
Sophie: Yeah.

Host: If you were asked to share the house with only one person, who would it be? And why?
Sophie: Honour
Sophie: Sweet
Host: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..you mean he’s sweet?
Sophie: Yeah!
Host: We are putting a wrap on things already. If you were given the opportunity to pick three roommates, would you pick them again?
Sophie: Yes yes yes.

Host: Finally, if you saw females and males trying to live together, what would be your counsel to them?
Sophie: Enjoy
Host: (chuckles) Well, thank you so much for your time and answering all my questions, I had a wonderful time with you.
Sophie: Same here, Ibinabo.


Host: Hello, good evening; I am Sekibo Ibinabo. A lot of persons today want to know what it is like having Co-Ed roommates; and so if you wouldn’t mind, would you please introduce yourself?
Honour: I’m Honour. A lover of God, an enthusiast; I love to sing. An environmental biotechnologist by profession. A guy with a beautiful soul. All thanks to God.
Host: Awwwnnnn, I’m loving you already. I can feel it that we would have a wonderful time.

Host: I don’t think I would live with some one of the opposite sex, I’m not related to romantically or by family; and so, my first question: did you ever think you would be living with someone you aren’t related to romantically or by family?
Honour: 🌚 She knows this job🌚.
Host: I’ll take that as a compliment, so thank you😌
Honour: Hehe, I have never considered it. (chuckles) cos of my personality, yeah. I’m a kind of person that loves easily. (Chuckles) That’s a weakness. And so when it comes to having someone of the opposite sex live in the same house with me; I feel we might have some complications in the long run. Secondly, the society; what would people think? what will my dad say if he hears this? What of my Spiritual parents? (chuckles). So, really; I’ve never thought of it.

Host: Wow! so what was your reaction when you found out you would be sharing with a lady; and before that, since you are someone that wouldn’t have considered sharing with a lady, what were the events that led to it?
Honour: When my roomie told me he’s bringing a girl to the house. It was so late and it was at night. She was already in Port Harcourt that night and she was coming from Lagos. I knew her from school. She’s a wonderful person. My roomie apologized, I understood. There was no misunderstanding, I joined him to get her bags that night. When we got to the house, we had to arrange things to suit her as a girl among three boys. My major concern was how my girlfriend was going to take the news (chuckles). The next day, I broke it to her and she was normal and okay about it (I’m unsure about that fact though; you know, you never can tell the heart of a human or should I say read minds). My reaction? I felt normal. I wasn’t against it. I know how to adapt Sha. (chuckles)

Honour: The events that led to it? She discussed with my roommate and he decided to allow her stay, without telling us though (chuckles). He told us the night she arrived Port Harcourt.
Host: Oh My Gosh😨 Hmm! y’all did well, adapting and all.
Honour: (laughing) Yeah. It was quick and spontaneous. Before we could believe our eyes, we were comfortable sleeping on the same bed with a girl (laughs).
Host: (laughs) Well well well! In a sentence, how was the experience; just one sentence, please?
Honour: Alright. It was the best experience ever.

Host: Awwnnn, So who was the weirdest amongst you guys
Honour: The girl.
Host: Why?
Honour: She’s weird,mad, crazy! (Chuckles) Is there a reason for being weird? I think it’s an innate characteristic of a person. I just can’t explain why though.
Host: (chuckles) okay
Host: Any sexual tension in the house? You know, living with a girl that’s not your sister is not easy, especially on cold nights (winks).
Honour: For me? None sha. She tried flirting with me, but I always run away (laughs). Girlie sha.
Host: Are you serious? (laughs)

Host: Did you think there was any couple in the house?
Honour: Nah
Host: Ever felt tempted on those cold nights, knowing there was comfort so close?
Honour: Nah
Host: What was the quality you loved in all three of them? And what did you wish they changed?
Honour: Mehn, I love my guys. No human is perfect. I can’t remember any flaws sha. Though, they had flaws. But right now, having this interview; when I go back in retrospect, I just have this feeling that it was all good. The bad and the good were good.

Host: Okay. I heard of something I termed an “in-house protest”. A period when the house was so dirty, you guys had to wear your footwear’s inside; what led to it?
Honour: (chuckles) I’ve forgotten, can’t remember. But, it was crazy. It started with Paul complaining that I wake up in the morning without doing anything. I only press my phone and direct them to do chores, that he was fed up of it. Cookey said he wasn’t going to wash plate anymore. I complained about Paul that he was also not helping matters. Sophie also complained. (chuckles) So we decided not to do anything again, we wanted to see who will give up. The house was like a dump (laughs).
Mehn, vegetables littered everywhere. Paul bought wraps of loi loi (processed starch), ate it with afang soup; left everything on the table. We went out, bought periwinkle; we destroyed that house. It was like that for days, I think cookey got fed up first and then decided to clean the house.

Host: (laughing hard) I already heard he loves the place tidy
Honour: Yeah. He was the cleanest. (Laughs) I have to admit,
I almost ran mad; cos I wasn’t thinking straight in that room
(laughs). But, I couldn’t bring myself to clean the room because of pride; and then, Paul and Sophie seemed comfortable about it (chuckles). I didn’t want to lose.
Host: (laughs hard) what’s the funniest memory you have of you all?
Honour: (chuckles) Can’t say. Everyday came with a fresh dose of madness.
Host: AwwwnnnπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Honour: I was surrounded with mad people

Host: Y’all had lots of fun in the house, I basically wish I had a little dose of that in my life. Anyways, moving on; what’s the weirdest thing that happened in the house?
Honour: Awwwn. For me, it was the dump experience. It was really weird.
Host: (chuckles)
Honour: (chuckles) Yeah.
Host: We are putting a wrap on things already. If you were given the opportunity to pick three roommates, would you pick them again?
Honour: Real life! Yeah!

Host: Finally, if you saw females and males trying to live together; what would be your counsel to them?
Honour: Mehn; I don’t know o. It depends on understanding and the kind of people (guys) or girls they want to cohabit with. For the guys, if a girl should stay with guys that are predators; she’s sure gonna be a prey to them. Same applies to the guys too. Basically,I remember one time I asked Sophie why she decided to stay with us. She said she was comfortable with staying with us cos she knows we ain’t going to harm her or abuse her in anyway. So I think you should consider the territory and animals in it before you venture into the wild.
Host: πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ Well spoken. Thank you so much for your time, I had fun talking to you, and I definitely learnt alot
Honour: Right. Thanks. You’re talented! You made me comfortable.



  1. Is there a way I can save this blog….. I don’t want to miss any update πŸ˜‚. Really cracked me up. I live with 2 other guys but occasionally have friends stay over a week, and its a mad experience. So relatable

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    1. Sure you can; all you need do is click the follow button and subscribe your email too.

      By the way, you are a lady right? Or a male with female friends that do stay over?


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