So I made this piece yesterday as requested by a client. I wasn’t going to share; normally I don’t share a piece, unless my client permits. Even when she permitted, I didn’t want to share. But on seeing a message I received from someone on WhatsApp, I then decided to share this.

Sometimes, we do wish that there could be a professor of love and romantic related matters. But the truth is, there can never be one. When it comes to love, no one knows it all. Some people learn from their experience; some others, learn from the experience of other people. Most persons also mould their perspective of love on what they see in stories, movies, or even tales from what they hear.

Love is something that has no manual. You know when they say ‘Love is magical’. Truly, it is. It is something that cuts across tribe, religion, race, age. It defies prejudice. But the thing, love is also delusional. It is something that can hurt us without physical harm. It really is one thing that no man can really say to have it all figured out. But to a large extent, love can be learnt as an art.

A lady had told me a fortnight ago, about her lovely boyfriend; only to find out this week that the boyfriend actually told his friends that he’s single. She lashed out, broke up with him and blocked him on all communication media; but the funny thing is, few days later, she regrets it.

Another lady spoke on how she is in a relationship with a guy who seem not to be over his ex. The guy and the ex ended things last year and stopped talking; but he seem to care about her, and she also called him on his birthday. I then asked her, “how did they quit the relationship?”. She said they stopped talking, just stopped talking.

Another guy also complained of how his girlfriend had told him not to piss her off, as she was just managing him. He was complaining of how he wants her to change; but she keeps on telling him that if he can’t keep up, he should walk.

Firstly, I really believe most of the things we overlook due to the euphoria of being in love; are actually the things that finally ruin the relationships.
I’ve also heard some folks say that to enjoy love, one must make sure you’re not the one deeply in love. What do they know? What? Love is not a game!

Don’t overlook what you don’t like.

Don’t love out of pity.

Don’t settle, if you feel someone settled (or managed you), walk out of that relationship.

If your partner isn’t even over his or her ex, and you can’t make him or her stop; walk away.

One should never count someone as his or her soulmate, when you’re not seen as such by the person. Love is mutual. It isn’t one sided.

Life is short for people to be pained. If your relationship is draining much energy from you, walk away. If you’re always saddened about it, walk away. Its better to be single and happy, than be in a relationship where you are pained.


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