Comfort Eke

           Down the streets of Nicholas, there was a four storey building, painted black with a lovely design made with ash and touch of white. The building had a gargage filled with different cars. There was a beautiful garden with lovely flowers of different colours. Some children played around the garden during the evening. Couples occupied the building more than singles but there was something notable about two couples.

Clara worked as a Nurse at New heaven Hospital; she was always cheerful and friendly, she loved children so much. Her husband, David; deals on materials and owns a fashion house handled by professional fashion designers. He travels to China to get a lot of materials whenever he has a contract. So this was one of those times when David made those trips to China and Clara was so happy that her husband was coming back so she prepared a special meal. 

“Welcome darling, how was your trip? Did you get all the materials you needed for the contract?” Clara said with glee.

“I’m so tired, Clara and I don’t have strength for small talks”, replied David with little show of care. 

Clara had not been able to give birth to children after 6 years of marriage. She always had fights with David over her childlessness; she felt unloved by her husband because of the fights and misunderstandings over her childlessness.

Joseph and Stella, the couple next door; occupied another flat in the building. Joseph owned a bread factory although it wasn’t that big, he was passionate about it. Joseph had married a well known contractor, Stella. Stella was a confident woman but very bossy, she had a bad temper unlike Joseph who was soft tempered. They had two children: Kelvin and Jane. Stella wanted more from Joseph, she was not satisfied with anything he does and she barely had time for their children; she thought he would have taken the job at Chevron. She was usually bitter and judgemental. Joseph felt bad and depressed, constantly wondering why his wife would not accept and love him for who he was?

Clara worked and took care of her husband properly but her husband wanted a child and his disdain towards their situation wasn’t a secret. Stella, on the other hand; had children but she wasn’t satisfied with the man she hado married. Stella had children that she barely gave attention but Clara loved children a lot.

Naturally, humans are not satisfied or content and Life doesn’t give us all we want. Some couples have two girls but they are depressed because they don’t have a male child. Life is too short to get depressed over what you don’t have. Life gets more fulfilling when you start being grateful and thankful for what you have. Everything you have is on someone’s prayer list. Let’s be more grateful and Life will be easier. Always remember that being grateful is a great price for happiness.



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