I woke up this morning; still feeling the pains of yesterday on my thighs. It was hell; my thighs virtually belonged to another person. But at least my platoon wouldn’t be on duty till another ten days. Yesterday, my socials director had some sort of altercation with our members while trying to relate some information on the amount of money they are to pay. I guess asides tribe and religion; another great divisor of people is money.

While some suggested #2,000 (two thousand naira), some others did request #1,500 (one thousand and five hundred naira). Some others did say #1,000 (one thousand naira). Agreeing on a particular fee was where the problem lied. We finally found a way through though.

I somehow remembered what my dad said about wives in Yoruba tribe being cheap compared to the Igbo tribe. Well, we were told same by a traditional chief, who listed everything. This brings me back to an Igbo girl who was complaining about the mindset of some Muslim girls in her hostel; whom had told her its better when your husband has more wives. She complained that she couldn’t make them see it in the contrary.

The most thing I love about this camp is the unity it brings. How it brings people together irrespective of tribe, or religion. How they play football together; cook together, try to win competitions together. As a matter of fact it has exposed me to a very whole lot of tribes I never knew existed. Why most people say its a waste of time; is something that baffles me. It also teaches discipline. Its something maybe every Nigerian should go through.

Typing this; I just remembered a girl who is madly in love with our platoon commander. I thought girls do drop some acts growing up; but no….it is still there. Meanwhile; I visited the ambulance today. Yeah, like the red cross ambulance and it was really dusty. So if I was dying, what would have been?

Well, then came the welcome party; I was to perform too and it was a time most corp members who were performing get to wear mufti. Many of them thought they were going to rock buttocks. But it ended as a talent show; as they were rushed into their hostels immediately after the time.

On my bed; I got to know my neighbour who has been withdrawn all day was withdrawn for a reason. His family lived in the city of Maiduguri, he was a Christian and Borno state, Nigeria; was his state of origin and his family did live there all the while. His mom had just been shot, after a vehicle conveying passengers like her were attacked; and she managed to escape with a gunshot wound to her leg. I felt so emotional and bad; and one of the soldiers in the camp, actually complained and he was also from the north. He said most times after infiltrating a Boko Haram camp and about to end the mess; an order from above then orders them to cease fire, till the terrorists regroups and launch a counterattack on them.

Compiling these thoughts left me really bitter.

Nigeria my country!

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