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Growing up in primary school, I remembered how some girls didn’t talk to others because of one reason or the other. What if I told you that they carried it up to adults now in their twenties. They can’t talk to each other, like they don’t even want to hear you mention the other girl’s name. Also, in junior secondary (high) school; I was a boarder. There are females who don’t speak to each other till date; even those who were opportune to attend the same university (college).

Now, I hope I don’t get sued for this (smiles). In my senior secondary (high) school; I had adored this school because it was bigger, larger, renowned and famous than my former school. It was a unity school that had branches all over my country. So you could perceive the pride in me; and it was my dream school at the moment and its services were quite cheap compared to my former with burgeoning tuition fee every year. So while some rich folks loathed the school; to me, it was a red wine that I needed to savour every bit of it. The only thing was; I wasn’t as famous as I would have been if I had remained in my former.

Well then; The arms (or streams) of classes for us were from A to K (while my previous school was just four arms). Everything about this school enthused me. Then there were these group of girls in my class; that prided themselves with a name ‘CIRCLE OF NINE’, It was dubbed ‘CO9’. If they allowed admission of other female members, even with a fee; I’m sure they would have had. It was like they were these set of prestigious, classy, bossy chicks; and they were all in A class. To us in A; we felt we were A students (chuckles). Now fast forward to about half a decade later and most of these girls can’t sit in a room together. As a matter of fact, you can’t get them all to sit in one room and parley.

Switch to my days in the university. At one time, I was approached by a lady; her question was, how do you manage to cope with every circle. I wouldn’t use that instance much cos its possible its just down to communication skills. But then, there is my sister in secondary school and the stories of her adventures in school that I eavesdrop on are quite saddening. The gravity of the hate amongst sisters is very heavy. Its like there is this innate competition between sisters (I can’t even say sisterhood; cos the acrimony is much).

If its not about boyfriend, then its fashion; or its about looks or one thing. There is just too much hate between the female folks. They’re always in a competition. Girls don’t dress for guys or themselves anymore; they dress for their fellow girls. They dress to show the other girl that they do have more style or they are more classy than the other girl. Little wonder most girls have more male friends than females.

My kid sister was talked out of quitting her new school cos of some girls who were literally after her. Why? Cos they felt that she was being in their faces too much. I see it everywhere; most times, even in the church. I see it from older women too. I’m an usher in my church and at some point, I heard a lady threaten another that she’ll pull her head off her Sometimes, I try to find out what could be the reason. It doesn’t work. I can’t!

Please, what could be done to curb this curse?

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