Good day everyone; I trust we are having an awesome day, as we prepare for St. Valentine’s day. I think that makes today St. Valentine’s day eve (winks). Well then; I brought a guest writer to share her experience with you. In a time when it appears sexual perverts are on the rise; the kind of advances women now get from the male folks is increasingly annoying. Igoche Miracle pens down her experience with much vexation.

Our guest writer is Igoche Miracle alias Shining Jewel. She’s not just a singer but also an intermediate creative writer who has been writing for eight years and is yet to publish a book.

On the 4th of February 2020; I had this disgustingly petty experience from an aged man in his late fifties. I had awoken to my father’s call, to get up and eat while he was proceeding to leave the house. Sluggishly, I rolled off the bed and unto the floor; with my feet slightly kissing the tiled floors of my bedroom. I got into the bathroom; still sluggish, I poured some cold water on my feet and then on my back and hurriedly rushed the bathing process. On getting out of the bathroom; I got a towel which I used to wipe up the moist areas of my body, I got dressed, had my breakfast hurriedly in order to meet up with my 10:00 am lecture. As at the time of having my breakfast it was 09:05 am. The moment I had concluded the routine for my preparation to school; I hit the road with a total of 1,050 naira, hoping to get change from the 1000 naira note; not minding the 50 naira I had on me which would take me from my street to the major road.

On getting to the major road, I awaited public transports that I hoped would aid me with change from the 1000 naira which i possessed. While I waited an old man who looked as if he were already in his late fifties approached me; head straight, chinned up, eyes forward, talking to me.

He said, “You’re headed to Abuja campus right(as if soliloquizing)?”.

I replied, “Yes I am”.

He said again, “I am headed for Choba campus. Okay, get on; I’ll pay for you and I”.

While he said all this, I thought to myself how fishy it sounded.

We both got into the vehicle after the little drama which transpired and headed towards our destination. On getting into the taxi he starts questioning me on my level, department and course option, which I replied to. Some moments later, he asks to have my phone number and then I tell him, “I do not give my number out” and he quickly locks up and moves away from me. Time came for him to stop at his destination and he pays for just himself. I stare in amazement to the funny scene he displayed. I ignored him knowing fully well that the driver was going to pick offence with me, once it got to my turn to pay the fare at my destination. So I seat calmly, still hoping for the money to be accepted.

Finally, I got to my destination at least (that was half of it) and it was my turn to pay but then driver rejected the 1000 naira note I offered him; then I opted to pay for two persons but he still rejected the offer. Eventually, the passenger who I opted to pay for, told me to go that he’d pay for me; So I left to continue this tragic journey with the 1000 naira note. At long last, it was changed and I finally felt settled.

I have experienced this several times and have failed to document previous experiences but this singular experience made me realize how true the rate of perverts in Nigeria is; including the stories and experiences I’ve heard from other persons.



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