If Karma had a face, it had to be Mathama Gandhi

Honestly, I should be learning how to make posts on the first day of every month. Can’t believe this is the time I’m dropping the first post for the month. (Smiles), don’t start with the lazy lecture. Meanwhile, Happy new month to each and every one of you who take time to read; to those who comment too, its adorable. Yes too, those from countries who don’t have English as their official language, I do appreciate you a lot.

My readers from India, I hope you don’t find me using Gandhi’s picture offensive. Growing up, whenever you mentioned Karma what came to mind was Mahatma Gandhi. You could blame my teachers at elementary school or rather blame the textbook I used or then, you could blame me for my imaginations. I saw Gandhi as a god, with peaceful powers; a very patient god who’s usually not hasty in punishments. Well, I later knew Mahatma Gandhi was no god of Karma as I had thought him to be. If he was a god as I made him to be, he wouldn’t have been assassinated. Its really sad!

Well, just in case you’re wondering what KARMA is. According to my dictionary, KARMA is:

  1. (Hinduism) The sum total of a person’s actions, which determine the person’s next incarnation in samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth.
  2. A force or law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows; destiny; fate.
  3. (uncommon) A distinctive feelingaura, or atmosphere.
    • 2001Inside the Hitspage 307:That means everything from lighting to the vibes, the karma of the room.
  4. (internet) A score assigned to a user of a discussion forum, indicating the popularity of their posts with other users.

So, I’d be going with the second definition. I am equally sure that’s what some of us have grown to know Karma as; “a law of nature which causes one to reap what one sows”. That is what I mean when I talk about law of nature.

Recently, a friend of mine updated on one of his social media platform that “Morality isn’t Spirituality”. One could be moral and not religious or spiritual. Well, growing up; the law of karma was somehow imbibed in me. Not just from my parents, but also from books I read, little stories I read through; stories my grandma fed me with too. Now, in all these stories; the end was always bad for the bad person. I grew up with that belief that for every deed there was a reward and same for every good one. In high school; I was a boarder. There were times, when after buying snacks at the grocery store, I got an overpaid balance and didn’t let the salesperson know about it. Days layer you find out, I’d lose some amount of money mysteriously. After happening on different occasions, I concluded it had to be payback for my evil deeds. That imparted in me the value of honesty; it made me return my change wherever I be, even till today.

But over time, as I grew older into adulthood; it seemed like there is no law of karma. The range of people who committed evil and went away with it, seemed to grow. I knew a man who sold a land that belonged to a widow, though he died years later; but the widow never got the money nor did she get the land. But the young man had enjoyed proceeds from the land before dying. I also know of a man who killed his younger brother who was wealthier and claimed his wealth; leaving his widow and children to their fate. Now, if there was really Law of Karma; would these things happen?

Currently in my country, corruption is on the high; most common is the online fraud amongst youths. When you get to hear some of them talk, they seem not to feel or think there’d be any repercussion. I must not lie, at some point; I did contemplate about it.

Is there really Karma or does Karma leave it too late before he comes in?

Is there really any reward for good and bad deeds? The religious folks could also help out here; African traditionalist, Christians, Muslims, Judaists, Buddhist, Atheists, any religion at all.

Does Law of Karma really exist?

Or was it just a fairy god concocted to scare us from evil, just like tooth fairy and Santa Claus?

2 Replies to “MYTH OR FACT: LAW OF KARMA?”

  1. Karma exists bro… I feel we don’t see it happening in the lives of people around us cos we see them from a distance… We can only see what they allow us to see, that can only be the basis on which we draw our conclusion and it is concrete enough.

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