So, for a while I was hit with the block. It was sad because I really wanted to write; but the words were just not hitting me. Well then, today is the day the secondary (or high) school I attended was found or more like created. So, seeing the repost on the stories of my friends social media accounts brought memories; thousands of them.

I can still remember when I sat for the entrance examinations. I was so sure I was going to get it. So firm was my belief in myself that I never did feel that anyone could be dumb. In my young head, I thought my friends pretended to be dumb just to annoy the teacher. I never knew one could have difficulty in understanding what was easy for me to comprehend.

Fast forward; months later, I’ve gained admission. I remembered how much happy I was; my enemies were now seniors in the high school I attended, so I needed to get away. Well then, I was really a stubborn junior student. I felt we were all juniors, why then should they expect some level of respect. Little did I know that a boarding secondary school was more of a military school than a boarding school.

Though, there were exciting times but then there were unpleasant times too.

I could remember times when I was assigned to the toilet for my morning chores because I refused to ‘drop’ my seniors. There was also a time, (laughs) our duty post for the morning chores were made to be like a lottery sort of thing; where duty posts would be written in piece of papers that would then be folded and then rolled for us to pick. When you pick a piece of paper and you open it; whatever you saw written on it after unrolling was your duty post. As people picked and opened I was happy till I was told that I can’t pick, as I’ve already been assigned to toilet.

It was a school I took so much pride in putting on the uniform. I felt so elated when I responded to people telling them the name of the school I attended; but at some point, I did wish to change schools. In my final year, I could remember a teacher who we felt was wicked to us; an event that amuses me whenever I think of it (chuckles). The said teacher had parked his vehicle outside the dining hall to supervise our dinner for that evening; after which, he would normally take some for himself too. When dining was over, he came out only for him to start searching for his vehicle. His vehicle was nowhere to be seen; it was very funny because it wasn’t what someone could have hid in a bag. Though, it was later found in a bush around the school field, about two miles farther.

There were rough times during my stay there; but, if I was to be at the point of joining a boarding school again; I think it’d still be Federal Government College, Port Harcourt.


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