Spent the evening of yesterday,
under the sunset;
and on the roads we walked,
recalling memories.
Memories dressed like kids,
who knew they could die any moment.
Memories of how we played,
under the moon light,
even as I stroked your hair,
It’s really long, you know?
The hair, I mean;
And then I told you stories.
Some fake, most real;
and you’d laugh,
and tell me how lucky you was.

And for a while I stood there,
frozen from the warmth of the sunset;
reminiscing of the days I smelt your feet,
they always felt so tender,
like they needed baby oil to stay alive.
Oh gosh! Isn’t it overwhelming?
Countless nights we stayed up,
basically talking about nothing,
but just taking solace in the silence.
You know, I could have fought that lecturer;
The one that made your eyes hurt unfairly,
from too much reading.
Oh! You don’t remember, do you?
The days I poked you,
and longed to hold your hands;
while we would take a walk,
down the streets I pass now, alone.
You, staring in my eye,
for two moments and then you were shy;
I’d laugh, understanding why.

We never made love.
I know, don’t call me stupid.
I mean you; yes, you reading this.
You could never understand,
It could have torn her apart.
She wasn’t ready,
And though we spent hours in the dark;
Hearts yearning for a truth,
Laughing cheeks, wild moments.
We sang at the bus stops,
The lights blinding our resolves,
to be little.

Hidden and reminding us,
of the greatness we are.
Together, Forever.

What about the days I cried?
just because you cried,
and we would fight,
and ask daring questions.
Angry with the status quo,
wondering who made the rules.
Arguing endlessly,
and then you’d let me win;
even when you knew I was wrong.
What about the real talk sessions?
I was always amazed at how stupid you made me look.
Damn! How could I forget?!
You were always so good at the board games;
smashing my ego into tiny ugly smithereens,
and yet making all my fears fade.
The smooth criminal! Aye!
Maybe it’s all in the pain
I hope you understand why I write this.


Dedicated to Oluchi.

Blossom Ibe is a vocalist, songwriter, poet, actor, writer, speaker, entrepreneur. He has been active from 2018 till date. He released an online poetry album, For Leaving, in the year 2019. A man interested in the simple things of life, love and romance, peace and a higher cause. Lest I forget; he’s a Nigerian, from Imo state residing in Rivers State.

What’s your motivation behind EVENING RETROSPECTIONS, Mr. Blossom?

Mr. Blossom: I walked out of a relationship about a month ago. It’s non fiction, highlighting some of the memories that stuck. She’s the lover — Oluchi.

I actually do hope Oluchi gets to read this, Mr Blossom. Thank you for coming on here.



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