Image depicting a young adult who’s sunk in depression.

Good evening my wonderful readers. I must say thank you to all of you and I promise that by next year; you would stop seeing unsolicited ads! (smiles). I would have said I’d be doing something in the spirit of Christmas but No!

Now, I don’t know if the Christmas air is in your continent, country, state or city. But, in mine; its a farce! I do believe I speak for my city, my state, even my country when I say this. I know we’ve always read about top 20% of humans earning 80% of the world’s wealth and the large 80% of humans scrambling for the 20% of the world wealth (Well, if you haven’t read Robert Kiyosaki’s, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, you should!). In my country, it seems as if the top 2% took all 98% of the wealth while 98% are left to scramble for 2%. Yes, you can imagine when children of different sizes and age ranging from three to fifteen are scrambling for candies; you do know the result. Many of the kids would go empty handed. That’s the exact situation in my country! While some are spending in the Christmas spirit; others have turned introverts, and others are just hanging on.

Image of a young female adult in a depressed mood

I had no idea today was Christmas eve; you could blame it on whatever you choose (though,it’s different at Igbo land). But today use to be a day that I looked forward to. Especially, the night. It was a time we’d sit together and start imagining what Mary or Joseph would be doing. “Maybe, Mary would be preparing for labour”. Or “maybe, Joseph went to buy some baby wears”. Most times, we were predicting what the three wise men would be doing. Everyone of us would be imagining stories and saying aloud! Our fireworks must have been bought in their large quantities, waiting for the evenings. We felt Jesus Christ was actually born at 00:00hours (or 12:01am). We had no idea of timezones then. We actually felt it was same time all over the world. It was a time our parents allowed us to stay out late (in our compound I mean). Today, these are no more. So many people trying to find joy in whatever means the can; so many others not even trying. Some ladies are even making their hair on credit. Many persons aren’t going to their family house because they feel they’re not rich enough to go back home yet. Most persons have debts that they haven’t paid and the debts would still be waiting for them by 2020. The young females who can’t stand rich images of their peers on social media and has to also slay, begins to fall to even ideas they’ve blatantly rejected before.

Image of an adult male mired in depression

What about the males? (Delete the ‘males’ and try) What about the married men? Most of them have had nicer years; promised their life partners heaven on earth; better Christmas in years before. But this one, is one they can’t place a finger on. Its Christmas eve and there is no domestic fowl (hen, cockerel, turkey, etc). This is a situation that is quite new to the wife and even his kids; who had been giving feed and water to fowls of other families tethered around their house in anticipation of their own fowl. Unaware of the economic condition of their family; wondering when some nice aroma would be sneaking in from their kitchen into their sitting room as it had been in their various neighbors’. The man, obviously not happy about his predicament goes on “hibernation”. He isn’t talking to any member of the family, to avoid demands I think. He’s now a stranger in his house, because he believes this way no one would come to him with any demand. It was working till his last kid just four years old comes to him for Christmas cloth. Few distance to tears, but he battles the tears welled up; only for his discontented wife to drag her from his bosom amidst derogatory remarks. Surely, he never planned it this way; January is already here and tuition fee for his five kids won’t be excused nor would the debt of house rent now climbing to two years disappear.

Image of a discontented female

What about the ever happy, ever beautiful Chief bridesmaid (or maid of honour) who is still sad that she’s still single at the end of another year. What’s the point of celebrating? When she can’t have even a boyfriend. She has put in much to be sexy and attract her ‘crushes’. In her eyes, Christmas isn’t anything about Christianity, but a time for her friends to exhibit their lovers and husbands on their timeline for her to see.

My point is: HUMANS ARE DEPRESSED! People are depressed. Its Christmas time, have you ever showed anyone love? I don’t mean love for the timeline or on the timeline. I mean love that you actually did feel. Have you? Have you wondered why that person has been indoors; why he or she won’t celebrate or do anything tomorrow. Would you even bother to visit?

Many times, we want to wait till we are ‘blessed’ before giving, before reaching out. We want it to be huge,without any idea that it is the small tiny things that actually do matter! Don’t think people are not suicidal because its yuletide. Pick your phone ,compose a text; a heartfelt text to that person you know did feel his or her impact in your life. You can also call; don’t rush the call. Wait, reminisce about the splendid moments you had this year and remind them. Even the ones of past years you can remember. Stop being obsessed with yourself. Reach out to people. Pay them a visit if they’re close.

Stop waiting for a SANTA; be a SANTA!

For in giving you’d actually feel the Christmas more!

Compliments of the season!

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