So, this morning I quit my rastafarian ambition (chuckles). My hair had been growing for a while; I let it fallow. But, I couldn’t keep up with combing it regularly. Though I enjoyed feeling its mass, but the strength to take care of it wasn’t there. Most times, after bathing I just put on a cap on it and that’s it. But today, I had a change of heart; So I visited a barbing saloon.

I enjoy this particular saloon; because they take intricate care of their customers. Most times, you think you just finished having your bath after using the saloon. Also, I’ve been having my hair cuts from here mostly for the past one year. So, most times; I don’t utter a word to the barber. He barbs like he thinks, just as I would. Its like he has my choice in his head.

Today, as he was barbing my hair; his colleague was also doing same to another customer. So, his colleague finished barbing his client and then moved to unwrap the food that they have bought. Turned out they were both hungry and had bought cooked food packaged in a take away plate, coupled with a soft drink. He feigned as though he didn’t know his own, which gave me the impression that his was smaller as he attempted to take my barber’s food; well , naturally my barber had to stop and go claim his right (chuckles). So after pointing out clearly the different foods; he came back to barbing my hair.

I noticed the other barber already opening his food; I was startled. I know he might be dead hungry, I also admit a hungry man most times know only a few rules. But, opening his food where hair is being barbed, coupled with the fan in the building, was really alarming. I called his attention and told him that he should close the food or at least move outside to eat the food. My barber then said, “Guy, leave o; its God that protects. A man that will die will eventually die”. The barber in question closed his food and was moving outside, whilst leaving he told my barber, ” All these things usually catch up with you in your old age”. My barber rejected the advice with reference to an old man who still pushes trucks.

I wanted to add my opinion, but I decided to stay put. After the other barber left with his food, my barber didn’t stop….he kept on talking and even gave reference to a man who was sick and coughing blood. As they were taking him to the hospital, their pastor called and they took him to the church and there he was delivered! He also made reference to another man who was in church for over three weeks yet there was no improvement and then he requested to be moved to a hospital, and he didn’t last a week in the hospital. Now, I do not doubt spirituality.

But then, where do you draw the line between spirituality and medical health?

Where do you draw the line between calling a religious leader or a medical doctor?

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