Just in case you’re wondering; I’ma fill you in on it a bit. I was at an art exhibition and at the end I overheard a lady by the name NACHI say TRUE LOVE DOES NOT EXIST. I was intrigued, and I sought to know the reason why would a beautiful, vivacious, young lady make such statement. So, I decided to grant her this interview on the blog; and here we are!

I: Good evening, Ms Nachi. My name is Paul Kay…and you’re welcome to PAUL KAY’S BLOG. You’re a miss right?


I: Could you give us a short bio?

MS NACHI: Thank you. Well…Nachi is from the eastern part of Nigeria, in college, a Libra, an engineering student, a lover of art and so many diverse things

I: Thank you much much…Nachi, a Libra; you seem to love zodiac signs and symbols?

NACHI: Uhmmm…..I wouldn’t say I love them, but it’s there for a reason and it’s 65% accurate; so you get?

I: (Chuckles) which means you have a little belief in it.

NACHI: (Smiles)

I: So Miss Nachi, …. What’s your take on love?

NACHI: My take on love? Love in General? Or are you emphasizing on a particular kind of love?

I: What’s your definition of ‘Love’?

NACHI: Hmmmm……….Supposed deep affection for someone or something

I: Now when you say love doesn’t exist… What comes to your mind

NACHI: What comes to my mind (thinking) A lot!

I: Do I perceive you being technical? Did you recently catch love?

NACHI: Nope. I’m trying to not sound like a pessimist or like I’m against it. But then again, true love doesn’t exist. Take away the love we get from parents and family; relationship wise, it’s just an infatuation. More like a belief or something of that sort.

I: Wow! I’m not divulging my opinion, this is about you. But, what do you think of people in love?

NACHI: It does not last, first thing that comes to mind. Because the more something makes us happy, the more we love it. When it no longer dances to our tune, we then look the other way.

I: Wow! This is deep, this is real deep. But then, like our audience would like to know, have you been in love before, Ms Nachi?

NACHI: Hmm. I don’t know. (thinking) Yeah, I think I was caught in the dilemma.

I: Wow! You call love a dilemma?

NACHI: Yes. I got to choose. You know love is just a feeling. It takes more than love to accept a relationship. We’ve got endurance, understanding, patience, willingness to play along. So, love isn’t just it.

I: Wow! This is an education course you’re taking me on. “Willingness to play along” you sound like love is a game?

NACHI: But isn’t it? Where one side gets to feel the pain, the torture and becomes more sacrificial; and the other does what? Based on understanding, feelings of compassion or empathy for one another, which would exist,it wouldn’t be considered love

I: Wow! Is it possible that people who are married are not in love…cos you said at the art exhibition that love is unreal and that movies and stories made us want love and desired to be loved?

NACHI: Exactly! What keeps most marriage up until now is just willingness to strive and understanding.

I: (smiling) Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! So, when a guy sees a lady and approaches her, it isn’t love?

NACHI: Love at first sight? Naah! Just admiration, maybe lust or attraction.

I: (thinking) Which means relationships don’t break up as a result of lack or loss of love…but lack of understanding! Is it possible for someone to get married or marry someone you don’t love?

NACHI: Yes, I don’t need to tell you that. So many marriages don’t have love in them. Attraction, compassion, shapes, sizes, looks, money, understanding.

I: Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! (smiling) I’m totally awed. You seemed so convinced about this. How did you become this convinced?

NACHI: Because I’m a Nigerian, I grew up in a typical Nigerian home. I see things
I’ve seen people claim to be in love also and seen results and outcome. Even the bible told us that “NO GREATER LOVE HAS ANY MAN THAN THIS”

I: Wow… I’m being schooled

NACHI: If the first man an woman could even deny themselves when corruption and other ladies weren’t there. What will you say about a world flocked with different kinds of humans?

I: Which means when you hear people say, the moment I saw him, I knew he’d be my wife. You are never moved?

NACHI: Why would I be moved? I can see a guy and say, “I’ve seen the one”. Maybe he has the physique I always wanted my man to have, or the scents, or the looks, approach or personality. It does not necessarily mean I love him, I would learn to play along.

I:Wow! So, Ms Nachi; before you leave, on my next blog interview… Its about LOVE IN THREE WEEKS ….An interview session of youth corps during their orientation camp in Nigeria. Any word for them before leaving?

NACHI: Good luck! That’s all.

I: Thank you so much, Ms Nachi. Twas an awesome time with you here!

And of course my readers; thank you so much for being part of this huge interview. Do well to drop your comments, you just might be replied. Maybe not even by me, but Miss Nachi herself!

PS: This interview was done in the evening hours of yesterday, so permit the errors in time you might find.



  1. OK!!! Miss Nachi I actually do not agree with you … I believe love is love that allows for understanding, trust,endurance and sacrifice….it is the underlying foundation that binds and brings these other variables into existence in any kind of relationship……..

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  2. I so much believe Nachi’s opinion and understand her plight if I view it through her lens too. Nonetheless, I have a take on this, not overly contrary but one that I hope will help us see this concept in a way that we’ve not seen it before. The purpose is to lead us and posterity aright. So that the impression or notion can be corrected. We can’t just delude ourselves into what has stood as a norm or rather an “alternative right” because of what the society has thrown on us.

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  3. Either of us can’t change what is and what isn’t. We all know what LOVE is in different ways, languages and culture. We choose to accept what we think we know and ignore what’s right in front of us. Forget the picture you’re making of the “one” that suits u… Fine we live in a shitty world. I get. We all do… Face it (Own it). Love’s like a notebook. You willingly choose what to write, erase or throw away.

    It keeps on repeating itself over and over again.
    Because that’s how it has been until further notice lol.
    Do get me wrong.. I can’t say you’re going through a “phase”
    it happens to everyone.
    Lol Just let Love be… Okay
    It is what it is.

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