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Hi everyone, It’s been a very very long while. I was going through the stats and saw that my October has actually been a lazy one. Well, not so much of a lazy one; As i just published and launched my very first book. My very first book by the name THE VISIT. I would make a post on this for you guys on my book.

So, on today’s topic. I am not coming to define marginalization nor parents nor love.

I once asked my aunt, “can a parent actually love all her children equally?” She replied, “A parent can actually never love her children equally; it actually depends on the child attitude”. (the reply is paraphrased).

Over the years, you find parents sharing unequal love to their children. Many times, you find that it creates division amongst the siblings. It creates hatred, unhealthy competition that they take even to old age. Many times they do transfer it to generations.

I was opportuned to attend a bible study class where this was their topic. As much as they talked elaborately on this, they missed a thing. An advice for a child that’s being marginalized. Because they felt that the love accrued to the child is as a result of the child’s actions. But most of them were of the school of thought that parents (who are caretakers) should try to identify the strengths of their kids and dwell on them and try to make them stronger and reward as well as lavish love on them according to their strengths. Even going further to add that equal love would yield greater bond among them even at the absence of their parents.

Well, as much as I was pleased at it….. I longed to hear them talk on how a child who’s marginalized should act. Though they did say that the child can actually work his or her way back to earn the parent’s love. I could agree to it too. I would give you my reasons too. At the onset of teen age, my dad didn’t like me so much. He had lost hope in me; perhaps that was his version of hard love. But these were tough times, but I decided to change by myself and for myself. But then, I would like opinions from both adults and also teenagers. Anyone practically!

What’s your take on marginalized love from parents to children…………………………


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