A J.S.1 boy running

Well, you might say the picture quality is not so good. But then, I guess we’d have to manage. I went to my younger sister’s school and while there, I set my eyes on a young lad running down the stairs with shorts too big to be called shorts or knicker. I wish I can say all protocols duly observed. But, that would be rude; I can’t believe its almost a week since I drop the last post. Even LOVE IN A KALEIDOSCOPE I couldn’t update during the weekend! Sooooo, here goes my apology. But I pledge and hope not to fail to post everyday at least. Now, time for your awesome read!

I had no idea of the specific class this lad might have been of. But seeing him brought so many bittersweet childhood memories to me. He is a secondary school (high school) student that you might refer to as a newbie. But, not just that; he is also a good one. Pure in thoughts without room for truancy or insubordination. One would have no idea if he’s intelligent though.

Well, hope you don’t mind if I tell you that wasn’t the catch.

This is just a throwback; this lad reminded me so much of me; only me with a bigger head. The days of J.S.ONE. I’d be dropping moments of joy or laughter of J.S.1 or what you might now refer to as embarrassing moments. I was a boarding student throughout my days of secondary education; but that doesn’t mean you can’t share yours too!

When I was in J.S. one; I never wore underpants(boxers nor briefs). I felt the penis should be aerated.

When I was in J.S.One; I had 6 underpants as requested by the school; I washed them all (as mom had always taught to wash items before using) you can guess; they were all stolen; my cries then.

Oh! When I was in J.S.1; I wore pajamas for dinner and prep. I wasn’t alone on this though; I did it with a friend. The whole school was fixated on us; until a beautiful female explained to us. We were so shameless.

Oh! In J.S.1; a friend of mine had his bath at nights and rubbed cream on his body and won’t bathe the next day so as to meet breakfast. This continued as I tried to keep pace with him; till one day, I confronted and asked him if he had his bath and he nonchalant replied me that he had his bath the night before.

There was a time we were observing siesta and seniors came in and said if you’re sleeping raise your hands up……….remember how we foolishly raised our arms up.

I remember I fell in love with a girl cos she did adjust my collar often. It was really funny! The innocence of a J.S.1 student is one that is really adorable and funny.

Oh! A classmate poured rice in his pocket cos he had not finished his food and the dining period was over.

Oh! The days of J.S.1

You can also share funny experiences from your first days of secondary school. Don’t be selfish with such important fun moments. Slide into the comment box, so I can laugh too…..

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