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Well, It is sad I haven’t been able to post for a while; I was told my laptop was hit by a Trojan. Soooo, Good morning everyone; from my end its a very lovely sunny Thursday morning, and I am spreading to you all ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

So, I was almost caught in the cross hairs of two guys contesting for a girl (chuckles). How would I had known that the contest would migrate to a physical contest. Before I proceed, I’d like to do this ‘prefix’. As a lady, always make sure your ‘guys’ know their zone, lest they become troubled. So, there was this girl, a beautiful voluptuous one. I had known her for a while before these two ‘uncles’ came to know about her. Worse still, she moved into the same compound that they both lived in. So, you can imagine the circus! Well, I don’t know who made that law but there’s a certain theorem that states all act of mushiness must not exist within neighbours. (chuckles). There could be some hanky-panky but falling in love is not an ideal counsel.

On a previous visit, I had discovered that as much as these two guys denied their deep affection for the voluptuous lady; they actually did care. It was funny and crazy! The ‘lady’ could see through them both like a glass of water. Why wouldn’t she pick one and let the other know his ‘zone’. Well, she might have enjoyed the cold war brewing between these two guys. I happened to ask her what she had with them to which she had replied nothing. This I did take note of.

On a second visit, everything seemed normal until I saw this ‘lady’ in the arms of one of these guys. Wow! On a very cold weather, with her voluptuous self all cuddled up in his arms. Worse still he couldn’t hold all of her. Yeah! She’s that voluptuous. Permit me to use the word ‘voluptuous’ endlessly. The sound of the word just creates this tinge in me. Sooooooo, I told myself; since she has not been personalized by any of the above ‘men’, I guess I could also join in the party. We all dilly-dallied on the wide mattress; I then discovered the voluptuous lady sporting a bum-shot doing little or no job to cover her luscious thighs was really enjoying the ‘rough’ play, we were all playing (Meanwhile, this was a cold weather).

All this was a joke to me. Until the other guy who walked in and saw the play and decided to watch from afar; then chose to leave the room. Perhaps, after seeing to his heart’s content. ‘The voluptuous lady’ on sighting the other guy leaving had to leave me and this guy she has been with. Wow! I thought to myself; Well…….I am not part of this cold war and I am not getting stuck in it. So I joined ‘the voluptuous lady’ to the second guy’s room. I also joined them on the bed with ‘the voluptuous lady’ making the middle. ‘The voluptuous lady’ perhaps having received instructions from this second guy, stood up to leave to her room. (Your guess is as good as mine). I followed them to her room; with her also making the middle. I was actually bothered at first. What would have made her allow us three in here. Well, What is good for the geese? is also good for the…………………………….gander!

With the voluptuous lady sandwiched between two guys with roaming palms all over her, with adequate attention to avoid hands of the same gender bumping into each other; she knew she was in for a night. This second guy, all of a sudden had this rush of greed! He wanted ‘the voluptuous lady’ for himself alone (laughs). So sensing her weak emotional strength. He feigned a mood swing, as to emit pity from her. What do I care? This second guy, still wasn’t comfortable. He had to come to the middle and take her to his corner. Maybe, he felt this is where I should have lost it and left. But Alas! Paul Kay was to be a stubborn one that night. He brought out her cell, put a movie for them both to watch; thinking I’d sulk while they revel in their couple’s bliss! (Laughing reaaallllly hard). I even asked of the movie genre; he knew I was also watching. He couldn’t bear it. He put off the phone and started threatening.

Oh! this was a period that I have not visited the gym house in over a month and he had just visited on that day—morning and evening. So, his system was pumped for a fight. I avoided the fight for I knew I couldn’t take him on.

But I was startled, bewildered, bamboozled to think that someone would want to fight for a lady who is not his wife.

Now, People……….Is it right to fight for her? your replies please, for many couples (boyfriends & girlfriends inclusive). Let’s wait by the sidelines!


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